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Ain't it Grand?

Updated on January 1, 2013
dream from Mc.D Source:
dream from Mc.D Source:

Ain't it Grand?

By Tony DeLorger © 2012

If only dreams could be as fulfilling as life, we'd spend most of our time unconscious. But that's not the case. Culturally we are to believe that our dreams are projections of life improved somehow: a better way of life, happiness and contentment wrapped in neat little parcels. But dreams, in a real sense, are more likely to be knee-jerk mental responses to the aspects of life with which we are not happy. Blissfully dreaming positive scenarios is rear at best. So 'dreams coming true' is a slightly different take on what we truly want and work toward. The dream itself is a misnomer, an intangible mental venting rather than positive visualisations.

Have you heard the saying 'you work hard to get what you want and when you get it, you no longer want it'? Often what we think we want is both changeable and elusive. The act of dreaming rarely has anything to do with what we truly desire. That is mostly limited to our cognizance, involving a long process of mental visualisation and repetitive actions that contribute to a desired outcome.

What contributes to fulfilment in life has nothing to do with the realisation of dreams, but the laborious work and effort involved in attainment. It is that action that we see as worth, judge as valuable and feel as a success, the balance between effort and outcome. Dreams in that sense are hollow, without substance, whereas committed effort with a desired result gives us so much more in self-worth, accomplishment and pride in self-discipline.

That explains the platitude 'its all about the journey not the destination.' Dreams generally entice us by expressing results we'd like, like a plot without explanation, just the last scene. That may well spark us to take some path, but it won't be the dream that sells the worth of that path. That can only come from the path itself.

Life is fulfilment waiting to happen, offering every opportunity and possibility for us to utilise. The limitations exist within us, not in life. How we approach each and every challenge, opportunity and failure, teaches us not only what we truly want, but how to attain it. And is comes not from dreams but action, step by step, inch by inch with consistency and tenacity.

When next you find success in anything, look back on what you did to achieve it, and I'll guarantee you'll understand more about yourself and why you succeeded.


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