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Alcohol Addiction: Signs a person may need to attend Alcohol Rehab

Updated on July 10, 2011

Alcoholism: A social Problem

Alcoholism also known as alcohol addiction is a very serious social problems in our culture. What often starts out as a gesture of friendship with a group of friends gradually turns into a full blown problem that often needs a visit to an alcohol rehab clinic to remedy the problem. But a lot of people drink, you say, so what’s the big deal? Well I am not here to lecture or moralize here. It’s really up to each individual and their family to determine if alcohol addiction is the problem. Getting counseling or going to alcohol rehab can mean the difference between a healthy productive life and a life that often includes broken families, anxious and worried family members, possible fatal car accidents, and an endless list of blown opportunities and wasted chances.

Most People with Alcohol Addictions don't think they need Alcohol Rehab

Most people with an alcohol addiction don’t believe they need to enter alcohol rehab. They believe that they have their drinking under control but often the alcohol addiction is controlling them. People with an alcohol addiction can be in very serious denial and often rationalize their alcohol addiction as just being social drinking or they say they just have a few drinks to relax every once in a while. People with alcohol addictions often have huge blind spots and are unaware of the damage they are doing to themselves and the people who care about them. This type of blind harmful narcissism is common among individuals with alcohol problems.

Families of addicts can help.

It is often difficult to convince an addict that they have an alcohol problem and sometimes family and friends also turn a blind eye to the alcohol addiction. However, at some point the families of addicts, and others who care and want to improve the quality of life of a friend or family member who may be an addict, will want to take a closer look and decide if alcoholism really is the problem. Families of addicts can help by being honest about whether there really is a serious alcohol addiction problem. Here is a list of signs of alcohol addiction.

16 Signs of Alcohol Addiction

1. Alcohol Addiction is more likely if alcohol has caused problems in your personal relationships, the ability to care for your kids,  or in the workplace.

2. Alcohol addiction is more likely when a person sometimes drinks alone.

3. Alcohol addiction is more likely when alcohol interferes with your ability to get a proper night’s sleep.

4. Alcohol addiction is more likely if you feel the need to drink to get through social situations.

5. Alcohol addiction is more likely if you have been arrested in the past for alcohol related offences (DUI, public drunkenness etc.).

6. Alcohol addiction is more likely if you have ever had a black out while drinking.

7. Alcohol addiction is more likely if drinking has negatively affected your ability to gain or keep friends.

8. Alcohol addiction is more likely if you have ever been hospitalized as a result of drinking alcohol. (injuries while drinking, alcohol poisoning etc.)

9. Alcohol addiction is more likely if you need to drink alcohol do deal with difficult feelings or stress.

10. Alcohol addiction is more likely if you go on binges where you keep drinking for several days.

11. Alcohol addiction is more likely if you have a reputation as a big drinker, party person.

12. Alcohol addiction is more likely if you think about drinking at different times throughout the day.

13. Alcohol addiction is more likely if you crave a drink of alcohol when you wake up.

14. Alcohol addiction is more likely if it sometimes affects daily functioning and interferes with your motivation to accomplish needed tasks.

15. Alcohol addiction is more likely if you sometimes feel embarrassed of guilty about drinking when you are not drinking.

16. Alcohol addiction is more likely if someone in your life who cares for you has told you it’s a problem.

Alcohol Rehab can help

Alcohol addiction is a problem that affects a lot of people. It is a form of maladjustment and many people need to attend alcohol rehab to overcome their alcohol addiction. Trying to do it alone is extremely difficult and the first step to getting help is knowing there is an alcohol problem. Alcohol rehab and treatment centers can be found in most major cities and towns and there are AA groups meeting all over the world. Alcohol rehab clinics and programs not only treat the alcohol addiction, they also often treat the underlying causes of alcoholism.

Honesty leads to Alcohol Rehab

The bottom line is once a person recognizes that alcohol addiction is a problem they can start to make a decision to change their life for the better. Because many alcoholics are in denial and rationalize their behavior, it is important that the people who care for them let them know how the problem is affecting those who care. For people to really want to change and improve their lives they usually have to get upset with themselves. Sometimes they need to hit rock bottom to genuinely feel bad about where they are. By being honest family members can help alcoholics to see how bad their problem had become.

If famililies of addicts help them rationalize and gloss over the problem behavior, alcoholics may never realize that their alcohol addiction is a very serious and harmful problem for them and the people in their lives. Families of Addicts and friends who care will tell a person with an alcohol addiction, in a genuine and honest way, that they need help and likely need to attend alcohol rehab to deal with the underlying issues that led to the alcohol addiction in the first place.


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