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Alcohol and Drugs

Updated on May 13, 2012

Lifestyle of drugs and alcohol

A group of teenagers or young adults planning a night out partying. The partying always end with many of them drunk , high or throwing out what they have consumed all night long. All this hard liquor mixing are just part of their partying ways and some of them even go to extreme by taking drugs and thinking that without drugs is not really partying. Is really worrying to see all these young men and women destroying their life unknowingly thinking that this is fun cool partying.

What they do not realize is what if something happen to them or they end in a coma due to all this liquor mixing and drugs. Their future would be ruin at such young age and they break their parents heart. Is fine to party in a wholesome way by having some alcohol but with a limit you place on yourself and not the limit that your friends place on you or succumb to peer pressure etc

Recent times youngsters starting to drink at a much younger age at an alarming rate. Is a trend that brought on by too many clubs , pubs and disco. Is like becoming a trendy fashion that if you do not drink or cant drink , you are out of touch and not in trend. Friends would make fun of you if you do not blend in and become like one of them. Consuming mixed cocktails like a professional drinker or drinking vodka , wine by the bottle. Is just a matter of time their health will suffers and the damage I hope will not be too late.

The Key is to bring some balance to their lifestyle by participating more in sports or working out at the gym. Sports and hobbies that enhance your life and make them stay away from excessive alcohol. Only with this balance , they will not fall into an addiction of booze and drugs and ruin their future before it even started.


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