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Alcohol/Beer effects on the body & withdrawal symptoms

Updated on November 14, 2013
Different Brands of Alcohol
Different Brands of Alcohol | Source

Most common health problem effects which you shall face-

It Increases risk of gouty arthritis
Alcohol leads to one of the most dangerous disease i.e. cancer of various body parts like the pancreas, breast, larynx, liver. Many of these are not even curable & some require very high level treatments whose cost is just too much.
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Causes physical and behavioral abnormalities in the fetus
Heart Disease
Alcohol leads to various kinds of Heart diseases. One of the most common is Heart stroke whose occurrence is very high in cases of regular drunkards.
Raises blood glucose
Lowers blood glucose, especially for people with diabetes
Kidney Disease
It increases the size of your kidneys which discomforts the kidney functions. Flow of blood & other hormones is disturbed & the worst is that it can even lead to kidney failure.
Liver Disease
Causes fatty liver, alcoholic hepatitis and cirrhosis
It doesn’t contains any protein, iron or any Vitamin A or B. I just contains death. There is a strange combination of Zinc & phosphorus in it which leads to malnutrition & can easily lead to death.
Nervous Disorders
It leads to neuropathy & dementia. Neuropathy or better known as neuropathia is a condition which effects your legs adversely. All this impairs the balance between your body & brain
Increases energy intake, but not a primary cause of obesity
Psychological disturbances
Causes depression, anxiety and insomnia

10 Health Risks of Alcohol Use

Effects of Alcohol
Effects of Alcohol | Source

Alcoholic effects on Behavior of a person-

Likely Effects
Feeling of well-being
Up to .05 g%
This the Initial stage when you are not at all aware of the harmful effects of alcohol. This will make you very talkative, relaxed & very much confident in your decisions. You would see changes in yourself in the way you meet others.
Some raised risk
.05-.08 g%
The next stage is an up gradation of the 1st one. You will be more confident in your work, more talkative & Inhibitions would be reduced.
Moderately raised state
.08-.15 g%
Now the danger level starts for you. This stage will make your body functioning unstable. You will face diseases like Nausea, Vomiting, Slurred speeches, Will lower your eye sight, unstable your mind activities.
Very elevated risk
.15-.30 g%
This is the closest feeling to death. In this stage you get too weak. You would feel as if you are paralyzed & at times you will not be able to even walk alone. You will need other’s help for every small activity. Apart from these you will have difficulties in sleeping, talking & even breathing. Loss of Bladder Control & Losing consciousness is some of the late symptoms you will notice during this stage.
Over .30 g%
Last Stage which will end your life. Either you will go in Coma or you will die.

Alcohol and its effects on your body

Long Term Effects of Alcoholism
Long Term Effects of Alcoholism | Source

Long term Effects on body of a person-

Long term effects
Heart damage -Various internal parts
High blood pressure and heart stroke
Lots of Liver infections & disease, even Liver failure
Cancers of the digestive system
Other digestive system disorders (eg stomach ulcers)
Sexual impotence and reduced fertility
Increasing risk of breast cancer
Sleeping difficulties
Brain damage with mood and personality changes
Concentration and memory problems
Nutrition-related conditions
Risks to unborn babies.
Alcohol Poisoning
Alcohol Poisoning | Source

In case the person who is addicted to drinking suddenly drops drinking, then that effect his body too. Symptoms start occurring within 24 hours from the intake of last drink. But don't worry much, it lasts only for 5 days. Then you are free from alcoholism effects, unless & until you again start drinking it. Here are the symptoms of withdrawal-

Withdrawal Symptoms
Nausea & Vomiting which shall continue throughout the five days
Depression & this shall be removed by spending time with friends & family during this period
Unusual sweating, even in winters is a very common symptom
Difficulty in sleeping (may last several weeks).

Alcohol & Your Brain-

Weakness & Tiredness after too much Drinks
Weakness & Tiredness after too much Drinks | Source

Overall, Final Major Symptoms of alcohol, which you should know before becoming addicted to alcoholism. Here's the list-

Various affected parts of the body
Central Nervous System
It will start from Depression and end at Coma or Death. Other than this can lead to Intestinal problems, eating difficulties will overall lower confidence in you.
Change in fat metabolism and eventually scarring of the liver.
Circulatory System
Temporary increase in heartbeat and blood pressure,Peripheral blood vessels dilate resulting in heat loss and feeling of warmth.
Fluid Balance
t will affect the fluid balance in your body i.e. it will instable it. Two common symptoms are Increase in Thirst & Urine output from your body.
Sensation and Perception
Poorness of Vision, Body sensitivity, Sensitivity of taste & odor, Sensitivity of colors like dark colors decreases a lot. In simple words, your sense organs will not function properly.
Motor Performance
Alcohol indirectly leads to increase in swaying, reduces your concentration level. Although it’s not too much in start, but can be very dangerous symptom at later stages of alcohol.
Regular intakes of alcohol reduces your sexual ability, especially in case of men. You face agitation, disturbance, discomfort during this process. It just add one to your frustration level.
Reduces Your Performane Level on Bed
As Shakespeare once said, "Drink provokes the desire, but takes away from the performance".
Decreases the inhibition level & increases your discomfort level.
Several intakes reduce your REM & creates difficulties in sleeping. It leads to exhaustion, tiredness, loss of memory, agitation & many other related discomforts.
Attention, Memory, and Conceptual Process
It reduces your abilities to listen & absorb things atone go. It also effects your body movements & consistency of doing task effectively. Reduce speed to do work, loss of memory, complete blackouts at times, poor recalling, difficulties in speaking & these are just few of the hundred problems associated with alcoholism.

For further Information, check this video-

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