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Side Effects of alcoholism (Drinking) on mental health

Updated on December 12, 2015


Importance of Brain

A body of man comprises many components like, brain, heart, hands, feet and many more. All the components have to play their role to run the life of a human smoothly. However, one of component of human body is very special. It controls whole of the body parts.

Brain and the spinal cord are like the governor of a province, who resides in his office in the capital. The brain not only receives the messages from the different parts of the body, but it sends out messages and causes the muscles to move, or makes the heart beat faster or slower. Brain exist in head of very creature and like its place on the top of the body, he is also the head of all the organs of the body. It controls all the organs of body. It orders what to do and what not to do.

Alcohol and angers are fast friends

Effects of drinking on ability to think

Such an importance of brain helps us to understand how significant it is to avoid the things which adversely affect the brain. The physicians unanimously agree that alcohol severely effects brain in many ways.

The man who drinks alcohol believes that it helps him to think. The facts of the case are that for the first ten or more minutes after a small quantity is drunk, the mind seems to be more active and thoughts and words are confused and unwise, because a man who ordinarily is very upright in conduct and discreet in word and act, after drinking freely of alcohol, manifests an entirely different disposition. The man of few words now becomes talkative, and has lost all sense of the fitness of the words, and often uses obscene language and commits acts that are beyond the bounds of reason and propriety. After the first few minutes, the one who has drunk freely of alcohol begins to have a heavy feeling in the head. He becomes quite, and desires to lie down and sleep. This is due to the alcohol stupefying his brain.

Most of very important decisions made in the state of drinking went wrong and the persons have to repent for life on such decisions. Many cases of divorce happen when one of the partner is in the state of drinking. Even drinking causes many innocent killings which could be very easily avoided.

In the early age of Islam, a question was arisen: "What would be the punishment for drinking?" Hazrat Ali (R.A.) came forward and pronounced that the punishment for drinking should be the same which is awarded to the person who committed 'Qazaf" [Qazaf means incorrect allegation of adultery). Hazrat Ali (R.A.) explained that after drinking a normal man started to abuse and level unfounded allegations. So he suggested the punishment for drinking should be the same which was for the criminals who used to commit unfounded allegation of adultery on an innocent person.

Most of the Crimes are committed in the state of drinking

Drinking destroys ability to distinguish between right and wrong

Man is endowed with a conscience that enables him to distinguish between right and wrong. The influence of alcohol is to destroy this power. Almost all of the crimes that men commit, that lead to imprisonment, such as fighting, murder, rape, etc. are committed while they are under the influence of alcohol. According to the record of the criminal courts, a large number of those who are punished with capital punishment have committed crime when they were under the influence of alcohol. As per record published in dated 17th October, 2005 Alcohol is the key factor in half of the killings of men by other men in England Wales. One out of every five patients admitted to mental hospitals is there because of chronic indulgence in alcohol. A very large number of traffic accidents are also due to the alcohol as the brain of a drunk do not work normally.

Drinking causes dizziness

Drinking always causes dizziness

Alcohol is a common cause of dizziness. Excessive drinking always interferes with the body's normal functions, particularly one's ability to balance. It affects the brain and interferes with normal transmission of nerve impulses.

It is always very hard for a human being to control his body after drinking. This is due to the reason that mind and its communication system adversely effected by alcohol and consequently the brain find it very difficult to communicate.


Drunken Drivers are responsible for traffic accidents

3. Many people suffer from a server headache due to 'hangover' after taking large quantity of alcohol. Alcohol is toxic to the tissues and directly irritates the meninges or coverings of the brain, thus causing pain in the head. The alcohol also dilates the arteries in the brain, and this is turn produces a pain not unlike that of megrim.

4. Reports say that most the traffic accidents took place due to alcoholism as it adversely affect the driving related skills such as vision, reaction time, judgment, and the ability to divide attention, and over and above intoxication decreases driving performance. This all shows that wine-drinking can only harm the body; it cannot benefit it. Glad-stone, a former Prime Minister of England said; "The combined harm of the three great scourges - war, famine, and pestilence - is not as terrible as that of wine-drinking."


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