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Alive On Five Stages.

Updated on December 30, 2009

Alive on five stages.



In the theatre of
stories unfold
reserved mainly for
the overindulgent
the unaware
and those given
to excessive vices
here the agents

are unknown
but the principals
are no strangers
when cancer

begins to act
taking its place
without advance notice
to play out its

tragic drama
here it has the choice
of five established stages
on which to perform
each one set

in dark chambers
soon to be opened
operated by

top professionals
assembled to
explore the curious
seeking Revelations
under bright lights
Stage I:

involves only a small part
with little chance for exposure
Stage II and III:

draws more attention
allowing for quite a bit of
development and growth
usually followed by
tremendous billings
Stage IV:

involves a lot
of progressive movement
stretching and blocking
to the strain of a nearby organ
Stage V:

is usually the
most attended

too by experts
a major production
creating quite a stir
it is usually caught on films
or its personification
is discovered late in
its appearances
due to its

magnetic resonating
and its mass appeal
it is studied, critiqued
tested and reviewed
most folks who reach this
unforgettable stage
are dying to see the end
it is at this stage
parts are seldom cut
or withdrawn for fear
of bad results
having achieved prominence
often its prescience is radiated
by others who observe it
and it usually continues
its prolific run
outperforming all others
around it, overshadowing
all normal behaviors
until its final curtain
when death takes a bow

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MFB III

Author notes

My dad is a nine year survivor, the cancer bombed, and was driven off the Broadway of his carotid arteries, salivary glands and lymph nodes in his neck. Many veteran friends of mine, and fellow brothers-in-arms, have been platforms for cancer, booked by the agent orange, and their curtains fell
hard, long after the bloody war in which they risked their lives daily, and then emerged unscathed to some extent, or so they thought, until cancer struck years later. This grew out of me while pondering these issues,


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    • pbwriterchick profile image


      8 years ago

      I really like how you wrote this one, a nice blend of disease and performing arts that makes the mind swim back and forth following this strain of thought. :)

      Excellent to hear of your father's survival.. so many are lost to the tragedy.

      Agent orange.. nothing good to say about that! That's a weapon that just keeps on giving..


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