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Alkaline Water and Losing Weight

Updated on May 31, 2014
Drinking alkaline water can help with weight loss.
Drinking alkaline water can help with weight loss.

The Benefits of Alkaline Ionized Restructured Water

What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline Water generally refers to water that has a base PH as opposed to an acidic PH. But in more broad terms it refers to ionized alkaline restructured water which is created by certain types of water purifiers as an attempt to replicate the properties found in glacier water. Alkaline water has many benefits for hydration and health. People that drink alkaline water swear by it and usually drink it exclusively, avoiding other liquids or tap water.

Can you lose weight by drinking alkaline water?

Alkaline water companies typically present the idea that alkaline water can help you lose weight. They claim that the alkalinity in the water can help slough off fat from your body and they even back it up with demonstrations of how oil will dissolve almost instantaneously in high PH water around 11 PH. To some level, this is true. On another level, its a little misleading.

Research is showing that simply drinking water will help you lose weight. Water is the 2nd essential component of life after air and its no accident that drinking water flushes toxins, balances the body's system, and helps to flush fat out of the body. So, its important to understand that you do not need to be drinking alkaline water to lose weight. Simple good healthy drinking water will help with weight loss.

In Western Society, our eating habits have led to chronic acidosis where the human body is excessively acidic. Acid in the body causes the fat to hang on tighter to the body and its much harder to lose weight when your body is acidic. Flushing that acid out of your body will result in losing weight quicker and easier. But there is insufficient evidence to be able to say with certainty that drinking alkaline water helps reduce the acid levels in your body. We know that the consumption of alkaline foods helps balance the acid levels in the body and that it logically makes sense that the alkalinity of the water can help neutralize the acid. But even if drinking alkaline water helps with weight loss, it will not cause substantial weight loss. It can also not be considered an alternative to healthy eating and proper exercise. But it can be used as part of a balanced lifestyle pattern of good choices for maintaining a healthy weight.

The pH Miracle: Balance Your Diet, Reclaim Your Health

The pH Miracle by Dr Young

The pH Miracle by Dr. Young documents discoveries about the importance of balancing your body's pH for long term health and vitality. Many people consume so much acidic foods that it throws their body out of balance and they develop a condition called Acidosis. In Dr. Young's research, he discovered that balancing the body's pH can reverse severe illnesses including cancer and tumors. This is a book everyone should read. Consume more vegetables and less meats and dairy.

Alkaline Water Tumor and Cancer


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