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Alkalize The Body

Updated on May 31, 2015

Acid or Alkali?

Recently, I heard on the news that Kelly Ripa was doing a new diet and doing it extremely well. Its called the alkaline diet and she was recommended this by her chiropractor. She mentions that this diet has significantly decreased her pain levels in her body. She reported suffering some health problems and she has been "cured" by this diet.

Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, and Gwyneth Paltrow reportedly also use this diet. The premise here is to eat more foods that have a higher ph. Many bad foods like sugars, complex carbohydrates ,and processed items have an acidic ph. Most vegetables and more natural foods have a alkaline or basic ph.

A ph scale goes from 1-14 with 7 being neutral; things above are base, things below are acidic. Our bodies blood is a ph of about 7.4. Just knowing this tells you to to eliminate very acidic things.

The Alkaline diet works to regulate the pH levels in your body. Keep reading if you are interested in this diet.

pH 6 vs pH 10? Does it make a difference to your health?

What's The pH of the Food You are Eating?
What's The pH of the Food You are Eating?

What is acid and base?

There is something we call a ph scale. A 7 on the scale is neutral, below 7 is an acid, above is a base. You may think "sugar is an acid" "maybe I shouldn't eat it?" The answer is yes it's an acid, and yes it's not the greatest thing to overheat; associated with a whole slew problems. But here's what happens. The body converts it! However, if you over-do-it, the body gets bombarded with too much acid and the body has trouble handling it.

How can I tell if I'm too acid?

Great Question! Simple answer too it, which is nice. It's called ph paper. This paper is made so that it will change color for acid or base. Simply spit on it and see the color change. There will be a color cart to tell you. The paper will be in a small roll and you just rip a small piece.

Another great way is to use a ph tester kit. When I lived with my parents we had a pool. We used to add chlorine regularly to keep Algea from growing and keep the water clear. When you do that you want to check the chlorine levels as well as the ph. It's a clear piece of plastic that shows you what the ph is by matching the color of your water to the colors shown. You put the water in and add a few drops of the chemical that comes with the kit, shake and see what color matches to which ph.

The Science Behind Why Lemon Works In our Bodies

Okay, so what foods should I eat to stay more BASE?

A real easy way to do it, is to stick with more veggies. Fresh fruits are usually alright as well. Fruit tends to have natural sugars. This may sometimes increase that acidity level.

The body converts, don't forget. A good example is the "lemon drink". Squeeze 1 lemon, put in some mineral salt (I like Himalayan salt). Shake or mix it, and ba da boom, your drink is made.

You can also add some baking soda to your water. For taste lemon works a lot better for me! But you can also add some to your lemon drink; you get a tasty drink that is a base.

It's hard to eat a ton of veggies. One great way to get great nutrient and an alkali drink is to juice. Yes , extract all the juice from those veggies. My wife and I eventually got a "VitaMix". Now we not only get the juice but this grinds up all the roughage too, so you get your fiber as well. The fiber is basically in the peels or outside of the vegetables.

Drink more water. Water is not only neutral, it helps to eliminate waste from the body, in other words, Acids... That being said, make sure you test your water. I can say this because I have a well and my water tested acidic. So what did you have to do? The water now runs though a treatment tank (I believe, it essentially a tank filled with magnesium) and then to the faucets.

One other though on that...Some people I know think they're getting enough water because it in their coffee or tea. This is not really the case because tea and coffee are not only acidic but they are diuretics (they make you go to the bathroom). Yep, you eliminate much of your water.

Why this Type of Diet is Important to Adopt into your Everyday Life

Do You Eat a Well Balanced Alkaline Diet Everyday?

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