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Protein- All You Need To Know About Protein

Updated on September 7, 2013
get your protein
get your protein


To make it simple, Protein units are the building blocks of our body tissues [muscle fibres, skin, connective tissues, antibodies, enzymes like insulin, haemoglobin etc] which are organic comounds made of amino acids.

Now, Proteins are basically differentiated into two categories. Complete and Incomplete proteins, based on the number of amino acids contained in it. Complete proteins are those type which contain all the essential amino acids[in cheese, fish, meat etc] while incomplete proteins do not contain all essential amino acids.

What does Protein do in our body?

While the prime function of protein remains as building and growth of body tissue, it literally engages in a lot of other processes in the body like repairing and maintaining of muscle tissue, bones, blood, skin and visceral organs. They even help in maintaining a good immune system and also as a catalyst in Metabolism. So, protein being a vital nutrient, it is being advised by medical practitioners and health experts to include quality proteins in the diet.

Why Bodybuilders need a high protein diet?

Weight training athletes and bodybuilders damage their muscle fibres when they engage in heavy workouts. There arises a serious demand of protein, to rebuild those damaged muscle fibres and to add new ones[thereby muscle volume increases-muscle hypertrophy].

As a matter of fact, after a workout session, muscle tissues undergo a "recovery stage" when these damaged muscle fibres are repaired and replaced by new protein units. This is the reason why its been said to give a muscle group "resting time" after workout(48-72hrs).

Sources of Protein:

Generally, there are plant based and animal based proteins.

Protein sources originating from plants are oats, corn, nuts, beans, soy and all kinds of legumes. There are also trace amounts in green leafy vegetables.

Animal based proteins are always considered and accepted as high quality proteins such as egg whites, meat, dairy products. They deliver all essential amino acids which are needed for an optimum growth of muscle tissue.

Daily requirement:

Protein requirement varies according to age, gender and weight of an individual. However, for an average person, protein intake should be approximately 60g to 70gm per day. This amount should be completed by evenly distributed intakes, which may include 2-3 servings of lean protein each day.

natural protein sources
natural protein sources


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    • profile image


      8 years ago

      you could add more to this article

    • profile image

      Power Tower 

      9 years ago

      Nice article...

      Yes, the body's demand for protein is even higher for bodybuilders, physical fitness trainers, and pretty much anybody who is highly active. However, the amount of protein a person needs is often exaggerated.

      Anyway, I'm just glad that I'm not a vegetarian and have to get all my anmino acids from plant sources - too much eating for me. When you demand more protein, it's so much easier & quicker to simply consume eggs & meat.

    • profile image

      hima chandran 

      10 years ago

      u can take a phd in protein stuffs. good work


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