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Retirement Communities

Updated on October 20, 2013

3 Southern Lovin’ Retirement Communities

If you are a recent retiree and are in the search for some retirement communities in the south, there are many out there and available to you. However, you may be searching for one that you can continue to live your life in, not simply go there to reside. There are several retirement communities available that offer residents the ability to visit day spas, participate in several activities, be active in your community, and continue to learn and educate yourself.

Winding River Plantation

Located in Southport, North Carolina, Winding River Plantation is a retirement community that affords its residents with an astounding 27-hole golf course that was designed by the great Fred Couples. The community also houses one the very few Audubon certified bird sanctuaries in the state. The community is located near the coast and affords residents wonderful views of great oak trees, Magnolia, and large Dogwoods. Nothing is too far away from this community and there are plenty of options in which to choose for fun, excitement, shopping, or recreation. Starting at $169,900, two bedroom and two bathroom homes are very affordable in the Winding River retirement community.

Country Club Estates

Deming, New Mexico can provide its residents with all of the heat and sun that they are able to take. This retirement community is set in the gorgeous desert in southern New Mexico and is home to an 18-hole golf course and community learning center. Additionally, the community offers its residents a swimming pool complex and bicycle paths all around the neighborhood. Desert landscapes and wonderful sunrises and sunsets give residents spectacular views that make for excellent photographs that will last a lifetime. Get in touch with your inner photographer or painter and take in the excellent views made available in the desert of southern New Mexico. Homes in this community begin at $123,800.

Hampton Lake

Bluffton, South Carolina has southern charm like no other. Hampton Lake is a relaxing retirement community that offers its members a great view and access to a freshwater lake. Members are allowed to visit the lake whenever they please for swimming and a little fishing. The community also offers a great spa facility that offers Swedish massages and reiki sessions to heal and soothe. They also offer stress-relieving and extremely soothing mud wraps and great aromatherapy sessions. For those that want to remain looking youthful, this retirement community could be just what the doctor ordered. Homes in this community begin at $300,000 and prices go up from there, depending on the space you are seeking.

Most retirees are looking for retirement communities, such as that offered by Nathan Carlisle, that can afford them southern charm and have plenty of sunshine and great warm weather year around. These neighborhoods, like many Texas retirement communities, can afford future residents with just that. Sun bathing is always promoted and daily visits to the spa are always made available. Enjoy golfing or boating with your spouse or new pal and just enjoy the rest of your life without a care in the world other than what exquisite meal you are going to have for dinner tonight.

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