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What to remember before you exercise

Updated on March 4, 2011
a good pair of shoes will make your exercise more efficient and effective
a good pair of shoes will make your exercise more efficient and effective
remember to always hydrate before, during and after your exercise
remember to always hydrate before, during and after your exercise
An ipod is the best company when running, walking or during any exercise
An ipod is the best company when running, walking or during any exercise

I admit! Two hands up in air. Verdict : GUILTY.

I have been lethargic for ONE SOLID YEAR! How could have I let 365 days WITHOUT EXERCISE just slip away? tsk, tsk, tsk....just like that, huh?

I felt it little by little, reason after reason, one alibi after body was slowly getting into its comfort zone...away from the excruciating pain of weight lifting, running, brisk walking. I saw it coming. "LETHARGIC. SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE"

While exercise used to be a therapeutic release for me, the past year was unbelievably different. I knew I was slacking in my quench for a healthier, younger-feeling body. I felt the urge dwindling little by little. Tipping the weighing scale was a welcome treat before I slacked because losing weight, then, was almost a surety. A year ago, its was a nightmare.

Caloy, my friend, was my wake-up call. One afternoon in the office, while discussing some business stuff, I noticed how trim his body was. Its only been months since I last saw him, but the difference was glaring. He got me so curiously hooked. Proper exercise, healthy eating, my friend...thats what he said. The challenge is now up to me. My will, my determination.

He taught me how to exercise properly and efficiently so I can get the best results without having to crack my bones brisk-walking and running and lifting. What is KEY, then, to this so-called EFFICIENT WAY OF EXERCISING?

So you are interested huh?

Hey guys, benefit from this:

1. - You should know your HBM - heartbeats per minute while exercising. Most machines do have this monitor tucked in there. You just have to operate it to know if youre on the right track. Or better yet, get yourself this wrist-watch-type-of-heart-rate-monitor. ( plenty of choices out there: Polar, Nike, but I got Timex)

2. - Work out within that HBM. Here's the formula : 220 - age = max HBM. Now if you work out within the 60%-70% range of your max HBM, you are in the fat-burning zone. got it? If you want to step up and work within 70%-80% of your max HBM, then you are in a better state: the cardio zone. Good for the heart, the lungs, etc, etc. So if there's a better zone, best would be next right? you bet. Working out within the 80%-90% range is where the MAGIC begins. Looking younger, feeling younger. (Thats what everybody wants, but hey....good luck!!!! hahahaha). I am stuck in the 70% range as of this writing!

3. If the shoe fits. Get the best running pair of shoes for your activities. New balance is best for running/walking. Here's a tip on how to best find the shoe for your type of feet.

Get your feet wet and step on clean paper and trace the shape of your feet. (This will determine if youre flat-footed, high-arched or whatever. Go to your fave sporting store and be guided by the people on which kind of shoe will fit you.This should make your work-out more lasting as the feet wont hurt right away.

4. Get ready with your IPOD. This is not really a "must-have" when working out, but you're like walking or running in the park, your IPOD will be your bestfriend! Rather than bore yourself to death - I suggest running with your IPOD is going to totally change the speed, the mood of your workout!

5. Load it up with water! Last on my list is WATER! Load it up with water! You can't allow yourself to get dehydrated while working out right? Drinking lots of water not only re-hydrates you, but also freshens up your entire body.

So, guys and that we are all geared up, what are we waiting for? Lets aim for that slimmer, healthier bods!


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    • Cellebrate! profile image

      Cellebrate! 9 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      Hi Paraglider, Youre right. It isn't just so inviting to walk, run and ride your bike with the scorching sun out there. Same here in Manila - almost always, the climate is hot, if not hotter. LOL.

      But thats another good excuse huh? haha. Thank God for the gym - at least we can still exercise sans the scorching heat or the outpour of rain. 

      Just do it. We just have to do it!

      The upside of living in a hot country like ours, well, we get free sauna anywhere, everytime. Dont you think so? Take care.


    • Paraglider profile image

      Dave McClure 9 years ago from Kyle, Scotland

      Greetings - living in a very hot country, I've got lazy over the past couple of years. I like walking, running, cycling, but only for real, not in the gym. And not when it's 45 Celsius outside...