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All Plant base hand cleaner for dirty jobs | Soft Hands | Corn Cobs absorbs dirt, grease, and bacteria

Updated on November 15, 2012
Only 1/4 teaspoon
Only 1/4 teaspoon
Demonstration of petting a cat
Demonstration of petting a cat
Petting a dog
Petting a dog
rubbing hands in a trash can
rubbing hands in a trash can
Bacteria count before washing
Bacteria count before washing
washing hands with Ex-it Lite
washing hands with Ex-it Lite
Bacteria count after using Ex-it Lite
Bacteria count after using Ex-it Lite
EX-it Lite in a case of 8-qt bottles
EX-it Lite in a case of 8-qt bottles

This hand cleaner might just save you the pain and expense of dealing with dry cracked hands.

If your profession or hobby involves working in dirt grease and grime, you probably also have a real issue with sore dry cracked hands from the constant and repeated washing's throughout your day.

It’s the perfect powder based hand cleaner for outdoor camping, hunting and fishing enthusiast. Get’s your hands clean and removes bacteria after field dressing that big buck or cleaning a mess of fish.

An all natural based plant patented hand cleaner using ground corn cobs as a scrubber and absorbent! X-it Lite™ absorbs dirt, grease, and bacteria to wash down the drain leaving hands extremely soft.

It’s also environmental friendly and safe to use in all sewer and septic systems. It contains no abrasives to harm sensitive skin.

This natural plant base dry powder hand cleaner can be used in a mechanic shop, out on an oil drilling rig, a fishing boat, or a farm. It’s light weight and can be used with fresh or salt water.

There’s no concern with freezing or weighing down the gear when you are backpacking into the back woods.

X-it Lite™ is highly concentrated only ¼ of a spoon full is all that is needed to clean your hands. This little bit goes a long ways when you consider one qt size bottle of powder can provide over 700+ hand washing's.

The bottle tops have a small hole similar to a syrup bottle to help prevent more than a ¼ teaspoon to be used at a time.

Users will still need to be educated on the concentration level, so they don’t feel they have to use a handful at a time. This would quickly negate the cost savings over other powdered and liquid products. At a cost of $12 per qt bottle this could become an expensive habit.

I use the word habit because when people begin using X-it Lite™ they won’t want to use anything else. It’s simply that great of a product, especially when it can help reduce the pain from those dry cracked hands.

The pictures show the bacteria count after petting a cat a dog and rubbing the hands inside of a trash can, after washing the hands with the product the bacteria count was only 7.

X-it Lite™ is sold by an 8-qt case count through Cottage Craft Works .com


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    • JessicaAnnoDomini profile image


      5 years ago from Upstate New York

      Very interesting!

    • RTalloni profile image


      5 years ago from the short journey

      Thanks for this look at X-it Lite™ hand cleaner. Sounds like it would be worth the expense for those of us who are busy with home and art projects. Always cleaning my hands takes its toll!


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