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All You Can Stomach In A Syringe

Updated on October 5, 2009


All you can stomach in a syringe

 © -MFB III 


And so they installed
an extension
of his life today,
a tube in his stomach,
with one catch,
no more food by mouth,
no more liquids of any kind,
lest he aspirate and suffer
recurring bouts of pneumonia,
as he has already. never eat again?
to never taste and savor the flavors
of all of the richness of food?
No more drinks of any kind,
just a swab with a bit of water
to flush out his dry mouth.

I think about his ride home
with all of the Burger King, Taco Bell
and Arby’s signs,
all of the endless ads
for sales on pop, and beer, and wine
Dairy Queens blizzard posters
huge in front windows,
bending Him to his knees.

Plus the continuous litany
of televised commercials
and chubby chefs creating
exquisite gourmet treats
before his very eyes.

An endless cacophony of
everything he can't have ever again!!

Then comes supper.
A syringe with
all that he can stomach
three times a day,
.....injected slowly
through a tube into his flesh.

Will he close his eyes and
remember the taste of
sweet buttery corn on the cob,
the tang of a  dill pickle
the heat and juices of a
medium rare burger?
Or will he simply
plunge it in
and go on with his
drab, tasteless day?

I love this man for his courage,
and his will to go on living,
in spite of the sacrifices,
that he is now required to face.

He was a documented victim
of second hand smoke,
a throat cancer survivor
for nine years,
after radiation
fried his esophagus,
leaving him unable to swallow,
without aspiration of food,
long bouts of choking,
and antibiotics to stop
deadly infections.

A death sentence
unless he gave up
his first love.
all that
crunching and slurping
he so much enjoyed.

at 73 most other
earthly pleasures
are pretty much tame
and going to the bathroom
can be the highlight of one's day
But now the last two pleasures
eating and drinking,
that God granted him are gone.

Don't tell me cigarettes are harmless,
he is one of many caught
in their nightmare
and he never smoked.

For 29 and a half years,
he was surrounded by chain smokers,
in a shop where he labored
over a punch press for 8 to 12 hours.

They are all gone now,
and he carries the end result
of their poisoning themselves,
and him as well.
documented by medical evidence.

But he fights ever onward,
determined to breathe the air
without tasting the gifts,
that life can also deliver.

He is my Dad, and he is my hero,
with that hungry look in his eyes,
as he struggles with death's grip,
and laughs in the face of despair.

Art-whimsically Yours Studio-MFBIII


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