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All You Need To Know About A Strep Throat

Updated on March 3, 2014

What is a strep throat

Many of us have ever had a soar and irritated throat at one point of our lives of another.While majority may not have had to go to a doctor for the irritation to die away,there are those who really had enough of the pain only to discover that what they were ailing from was a strep throat.

But what really is a strep throat and how different is it from any common throat infection?Well, a strep throat is an infection to the throat arising from a bacterial infection of the throat as well as the tonsils.It is a painful infection as the throat not only get irritated but also get highly inflamed.The bacteria responsible for this particular infection is called a streptococcal or simply put,strep bacteria.

While the common sore throat is as a result of viral infection,a strep throat is in contrast a result of a bacterial activity.

The mouth of a patient suffering from a strep throat.
The mouth of a patient suffering from a strep throat. | Source

And what really causes a strep throat

Even though majority of the common soar throats are as a result of viral infection as noted above,much attention is given to a strep throat seeing its peculiar agent of transmission.A Streptococcus bacteria is largely attributed to a step throat and is by far been recorded as the most common agent of bacteria-caused throat infections.

Strep throat is highly contagious and a simple sneeze or uncontrolled coughing in a congested classroom can see virtually everyone present contract a strep throat from an infected classmate.Stuffy and congested conditions like those of a poorly-ventilated movie halls are argued to provide ideal conditions for the spread of a strep throat.

Medical research indicates that young children of 4 and 14 years are at a greater risk of contracting this infection than those outside this age brackets.

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Am i having a strep throat?Symptoms?

The symptoms of a strep throat normally one to five days to develop and show up.This is after contact with the strep bacteria either through coming into infected materials or by inhaling infected water droplets.

Apart from a very painful soar throat and regular pain while attempting to swallow anything,a patient suffering from a step infections may show the following symptoms:

(a)Nausea and uncomfortable vomiting during the entire period of infection

(b)The lymph nodes becomes swollen

(c)The inside of the throat becomes reddened .

(d)May develop patches usually white or red in appearance in and around the throat.

(e)May also experience fever

A diagram showing where a step throat affects
A diagram showing where a step throat affects | Source

A glimpse of what we have said about a strep throat

  • Caused by strepococcus bacteria
  • characterized by fever,soar throat as well as swollen lymph nodes
  • it can lead to complications like rheumatic fever and kidney disease.
  • A swab is taken from the throat and analyzed in the laboratory to confirm the presence of strep bacteria
  • Early treatment can reduce complications
  • Several antibiotics are available for treatment
  • home remedy tips can help in management of strep infection
  • It can be prevented by observing strict personal and public hygiene

Diagnosing a Step Throat

It is worth emphasis here that a strep infections if not attended to on time may lead to serious medical complications like the risk of catching rheumatic fever as well as developing kidney disease.In addition,it also increases the risk of transmitting the disease to other people.

It is thus crucial that a diagnosis is done as soon as before 48 hours since exposure to the strep bacteria so as to commence antibiotic treatment.This helps avert the possible hazardous complications i have just mentioned above.

In a visit to the doctor,the doctor will most likely take a throat culture in the throat and tonsils by swobbing using a cotton wool.The swab is to be taken to the laboratory where a biological culture is set up to help in identification and confirmation of the step bacteria.

(click column header to sort results)
Days before commencing treatment  
% deveoping complications  
probability of successful treatment  
After 4
A table showing statistics on a sample of 10 patients observed by a team of medics at Institute of Medical Study India in 2012.

Some Home Remedy tips For Treating A Step Throat


Due to the high risk of complications if the treatment is delayed,it is highly recommended that antibiotic treatment commence as soon as the strep bacteria is confirmed.

Several antibiotics are available and are either administered orally or through an injection.Penicillin and Amoxicillin are the common oral ones available for the treatment of strep throat.Erythromycin ethyl succinate is recommended for patients whose systems may be allergic to treatment through penicillin.

For patients who are unable to take oral treatment ,Penicillin G benzathine A ,an injection dosage should serve as an ideal treatment.

Oral lozenges are also available for non-severe and mild strep throat.In very severe cases however,a surgical operation to remove the infected tonsils may be necessary.See some natural ways to cure strep throat

a package of home remedy for a strep throat
a package of home remedy for a strep throat | Source
some antibiotics for curing Strep throat
some antibiotics for curing Strep throat | Source


As the old adage,''prevention is better than cure" goes ,it is undoubtedly crucial that one prevent catching a strep infection.Importantly if one already has been infected,is to prevent others from getting infected.

One can ensure that he use a handkerchief to cover his mouth when sneezing;always avoid very close physical contact with an infected person;avoid sharing liquid meals with an infected person as well as washing hands before having a meal.

There you have it

I hope this article was useful,leave your comments below and i will be happy to respond to you.

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