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All You Need To Know About Your Personality

Updated on April 6, 2013

You have heard of Type A and Type B personalities in casual conversations. Some people have categorized themselves as a Type A or Type B. But did you know that there are 4 types of personalities? These 4 traits can solve most health conundrums if we delve deeper into them. Sue Varma, a psychiatrist discussed the types of personalities in the form of a quiz. The people will be given questions and they will rate their answers. The viewers will use a 5 point scale where 1 is strongly disagree, 3 is neutral, and 5 is strongly agree. For the first type which is A, here are the statements:

1. I eat meals quickly.

2. My kitchen or desk is organized.

3. I get impatient and angry in traffic.

If you answered mostly 4 or 5, the you have a Type A personality. People who fall into this category are ambitious, impulsive, compulsive, competitive. These are moguls and surgeons. One example would be the character Meryl Streep portrayed in The Devil Wears Prada. They are neat. They talk, walk, and eat fast. They commonly suffer from gastric ulcers and they tend to overeat that's why they often have higher body masses. They suffer headaches, asthma. They are known for being conscientious, neurotic. They also have the longest life span. The next set of statements are:

1. I'd rather be home alone than be with my friends.

2. I pay bills right away.

3. I enjoy planning events.

If your answers are mostly ones, then you have a Type B personality. These people are even-tempered, easy going, not driven by time pressure, bring relaxation, and are laid back. Musicians are usually in this category. An example would be Phoebe from the hit sitcom Friends. These people tend to underestimate risks, cheerful, and have the shortest lifespan. This is due to the fact that they can't cope when things fall apart. The next statements are:

1. I am unlikely to confront someone if he hurts my feelings.

2. I am relieved when plans are cancelled.

3. I put others first.

If the answers are mostly 5, then you have a Type C personality. These people avoid confrontation. They are analytical, pleases people all the time. Librarians and accountants are in this category. An example would be Rose, a character from the Golden Girls. They are shy and usually suffer from viral infections. They suppress their emotions and this leads to consumption of alcohol or food. They are eager to please other people. Most of them avoid going to the doctor. The next set of statements are:

1. If I see someone I know, I usually say hi first.

2. I look forward to family events such as Thanksgiving dinner.

3. I'm usually happy.

If the answers are close to ones, then you have a Type D personality. These people are indecisive, irritable, possess a negative attitude. They avoid social interaction. They are at risk of cardiovascular problems.

Dr. Oz illustrated how these different personalities cope with stress. people who are under types A, B, C can cope much better because their emotions come in many forms. The body is able to cope and nothing is damaged. Whereas the people who are considered Type D, they are unable to cope with the pressure because they have a bad mood all the time. They can't vent their emotions and they are awkward in social events. These can create inflammation in the body. We can change our personalities according to Varma. This is because there are 3 ways to alter our personalities. These are thoughts, emotions, and behavior. If we change one of them, then all the rest will follow. If we change our perception, everything will change.

Who would've thought that our personalities can make or break our system? These personalities can help solve our health problems. If we change our perception, then it would've saved us trips to the doctor. Everything should be done in perspective. We just have to find balance in everything that we do.


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