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Tips: How to get rid of Gastric Acidity, Air, Gas trouble & Stomach Dis-tension, tummy/Intestines Problem?

Updated on December 16, 2015

Excessive and Chronic Flatulence

How to Get Rid of Acidity and Gas Trouble?

Our digestive system has great importance in our body. Any problem in it may cause may other problems. So it is very important for a healthy body that the stomach should be healthy. By making some very negligible moderation in our life style is enough for the healthy stomach.

Gastric acidity or excessive/chronic flatulence is the problem caused due to some sort of disorder in the stomach. It can safely be said that gastric acidity is the the most neglected health problem a man faces in his life. Many of us do not want to talk on the subject and most of us satisfy ourselves by making fun of the person suffering from such problem.

Among all a person suffering from this disease also face the element of hate from his nears and dears due to odder that is the caused due to flatulence. The man losses his confidence and in many cases his very close friends also.

All along the line, gastric problem alone is the cause of many other diseases. It causes distress, heart burn and many other health problems. However, at the same time, the good news is that the gastric acidity can be controlled just by nominal changes in the daily routine especially related to our eating habits.

"Swallowing Air" is the most common cause of stomach gas. A few simple tips to get rid of acidity and gas trouble and digestive disturbances are as follow:-

1. Food should be thoroughly masticated. This will reduce the acidity and gas as our digestive system has to work lesser for digestion of the food that we have eaten.

2. Eat slowly by putting your knife and fork down between bites. This will slow down your eating and reduce the amount of air of your swallow with each bite.

3. Meals should be taken at regular intervals, in moderate quantities. Suppose your stomach is divided into three parts. One should be for food and the the second one is for the liquids while the third one should be left empty.

4. Don’t chew gum. Chewing gum increases the amount of air swallowed.

5. No fluid whatever should be taken between meals. One should take a glass of water before starting to take a meal. It is said taking water before meal is gold, it is silver in the mid and iron at the end.

6. If you have artificial denture, get them checked. If they do not fit properly, they can add to the amount of air you swallow.

7. The food should be fairly concentrated.

8. Avoid foods that cause acidity and gas problems, which are beans, bagels, bran, broccoli, Brussels, sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, and onions.

9. The foods like apples, apricots, breads, bananas, carrots, celery, citrus fruits, eggplant, prune juice, radishes, and raisins are good for the patients of acidity and gastric disorder.

10. Avoid a large variety of one meal. Use no more than three or four articles at a meal. Get a variety at different meals.

11. Drink fluid one hour before or three hours after meals. Don’t take fluids while taking meal.

12. Take daily systematic exercise in the open air.

13. Take a daily bath. Keep the bowels open.

14. Use reason in choosing your food and then forget about it.

15. Avoid worry.

16. Fast food most often cause gastric acidity
17. Don't take meal while standing or walking.

18. Take the meal while observing silence as talking during mealtime also increases the possibility of swallowing air.

19. Avoid spicy meal as it will enforce you to take fluids during meal which ultimately cause gastric acidity.

16. Articles to be avoided in all cases of acidity and Gastric Disorder.

i. Rich soups, gravies and sauces.

ii. Strong condiments, pepper and chilies.

iii. Fresh, soft breads of all kinds.

iv. Griddlecakes.

v. Pastry of all kinds.

vi. All jams, jellies, sweet pudding and candies.

vii. Sugar in all forms, especially with milk.

viii. Raw vegetables, except the finer ones.

ix. All coarse, heavy vegetables, as beans, sweet potatoes, boiled turnip, cabbage, etc.

x. Large amounts of fat.

xi. All smoked or tainned meats, shellfish etc.

xii. Cheese of all kinds except cottage cheese.

xiii. Very acid or very sweet fruits, also dried fruits and nuts.

xiv. Tea, coffee, cider, chocolate and tobacco.

xv. Avoid soft drinks and bear. These beverages contain carbon dioxide which can cause gas within your body.

xvi. Avoid milk and dairy products if you have lactose-intolerance.

xvii Avoid foods with a high fat contents because they can slow down the digestive system and create more of a gas buildup.


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