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All about soft drinks

Updated on August 26, 2015

All about soft drinks

All about soft drinks
All about soft drinks

All about soft drinks

When we are so much thirsty, there is no problem if sometimes we drink soft drink. But problem is if we make it our habit to drink soft drink regularly. If we drink it regularly then there is a possibility to create some problem in our health. Drinking soft drink is no problem at all but is careful it should not be our habit.

Elements of making soft drink:

The main element of making soft drink definitely is water. Then mixed some acid with water. This acid may be phosphoric acid, citric acid, malic acid or tartaric acid. In cola types soft drink there is present much phosphoric acid. To avoid the sour taste of acid there will mix sugar or saccharin. In cola types soft drink there will mix coco with that. Each 100mm coco contains approx 15 mg caffeine. After process in bottle, it remains unchanged for many days. For that there will mix some chemical preservative in bottle. The most mentioned preservatives are sodium benzoate or sulphur dioxide.

To make color, taste and flavor there will mix different chemical for different drinks. karomel is used to create black color. karmyosin is used to make red color, tatrajin is for orange color, sunset yellow is for yellow, ponsu is for orange-yellow color. To create taste and smell, there will mix another some chemical. Before close the cork, carbon dioxide gas provided inside the bottle. We must notice when we open the cork, carbon dioxide is shown as like bubble.

Is soft drinks are harmful for our teeth?

Yes. It is very harmful for our teeth if we drink it regularly. Especially for child, it’s very harmful. Soft drink contains phosphoric acid which can directly destroy enamel of teeth. And also the sugar presented in bottle can be harmful for our molar teeth. Are we washing our mouth after drinking the soft drinks? Maximum time it’s not. So chemical remains long time and harm also continue for long time.

Soft drink and stomach problem:

Soluble carbon dioxide when mixed with water and sodium in stomach then it changed into carbonic acid and sodium bi carbonate. Those who already are affected by stomach ulcer problem, there cause dangerous harm if they drink soft drinks.

Soft drink and our health:

Sometimes if we drink soft drink, it does not make any negative effect for our health. but if we drink it regularly it makes a very harmful effect for our health. Phosphoric acid presented on soft drink which prevent to normal absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

On the fasting period if we drink soft drink regularly there may be a great possibility to happen gastritis or gastric ulcer problem. Normally caffeine reduce the hunger. By decreasing hunger it may be a reason for child development.

If karmyosin (which is used to make red color) regularly enter in our body, can create some types of cancer. It also prevents our normal development. This color is banned to America and Canada.tatrajin (which is used to make orange color) is banned to Norway and Finland, and its usage is strongly controlled in America. Sunset yellow is banned to Sweden, Finland and Norway. These colors cannot be used for making any child food for Britain. Sunset yellow can increase the problem for child lung. It may causes asthma. From many day ponsu(orange – yellow color) is banned to America and Canada. This color may cause asthma, allergy and cancer also. There may be a possibility to break more Red blood corpuscle and reduce the rate of hemoglobin.

There is no mention able any nutrition value for any soft drink except cola. The calorie which we get only because the sugar which is presented on the soft drinks. Sometimes we can drink soft drinks like our hobby, but seriously it should be avoided to take regularly.


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