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Is the Snap On Smile for everyone?

Updated on April 9, 2013
A Snap on Smile Arch
A Snap on Smile Arch

What is a Snap On Smile?

I recently had a good friend ask me about the Snap on Smile; her front teeth are bulky, crowded and uneven. She was really interested in having cosmetic dental treatments and realized it's quite involved, costly and will take some time. Since I have access to many reputable professionals in the dental industry, I decided to do some research on her behalf:

The name says it all, a custom fit arch of perfectly aligned teeth and shade that snaps right over your teeth in order to give you that perfect smile. But is it the perfect solution?

Does the Snap On Smile really work?

I started my research by reading anything and everything I could find about the Snap on Smile, I read a lot of positive and negative reviews, but the first impression summary of the product was:

· It Does not require drilling, 2 visits and you have your new perfect smile

· A perfect solution for just about everyone

· For Anyone who can't afford to pay for the perfect Hollywood

I wanted to take these key highlights and start asking the experts what they think, many of these experts offer this product in their office and they gave me their honest opinion since we work together all the time and I always rely on their expert advice.

DOES NOT REQUIRE DRILLING - This is true, the product does not require any drilling and is a perfect option for someone that has been avoiding the dentist for years due to anxiety and fear of drilling. In the first visit, the dentist will take an impression of your teeth, you pick a shade, the impression is sent to a lab, three weeks later; you come back in for a final fitting and delivery of your new smile. Sounds great right?

One of my experts pointed out a few concerns. If the patient has anxiety about drilling, it possibly means they haven't visited the dentist in years and may have many serious issues happening in their mouth such as periodontal disease and decay. Creating a snap-on appliance to go over their decayed teeth would not be very ethical, it's important to address the immediate issues first, than go for something cosmetic. The tight spaces between the snap-on-smile and the natural teeth is the perfect habitat for bacteria to thrive, someone that has decay and gum problems can increase the progression of these problems by covering them up and not dealing with them first. He suggested having a professional cleaning and exam to address the essential treatments first before moving forward with the Snap-On-Smile. So, you should keep in mind that you may incur additional costs to fix existing issues in your mouth before any good, experienced, ethical dentist will provide you with this product.

Your Snap on Smile is as good as the dentist you choose, one expert mentioned to me that some of his colleagues had a very difficult time with the fit and on many occasions the product had to be sent back to the manufacturer, a new impression taken and took longer than the patient expected. To the defense of the manufacturer, the lab creating the new arch has to rely on a perfect impression taken by the dentist. So guess what, Garbage in…Garbage out. Make sure you choose a quality dental office and a good dentist first.

A PERFECT SOLUTION FOR JUST ABOUT EVERYONE - "Just about" is the key word, assuming your teeth and gums are healthy first, and you are seeking this solution for a quick, cost effective, cosmetic solution because you have

1. Crooked and uneven teeth

2. Small teeth, or want to increase the height of the tooth structures

3. Gaps between your teeth

4. Stains or cracks

5. You have ongoing treatments and in the interim you want to always display a perfect smile

In regards to my friend’s situation, non of the above applied, the dentists I asked, pointed out a few observations worth mentioning:

  • It is a snap-on item, it means you are adding bulk without filing down the tooth structure; you must keep this in mind when you're considering this product and you already have large bulky teeth you're trying to make smaller and more uniform.
  • If you had prior orthodontic treatments and you are not regularly wearing your space maintainer, or your teeth shift for any reason, the product will not snap in place correctly and a new one must be made, otherwise damage can occur to your gum line and the arch will not be stable during chewing.
  • The manufacturer says it can be considered either a temporary or permanent solution. Don't get your hopes up too much, there's nothing permanent about a product that snaps out of your mouth.

FOR ANYONE THAT CAN'T AFFORD THE PERFECT HOLLYWOOD SMILE - It is true, dentistry, especially good dentistry, is quite costly. Most cosmetic procedures are not covered by dental insurance; therefore the Snap-On-Smile is viewed as the perfect solution for most people seeking that perfect smile with a budget, so how much is too much? the cost is anywhere between $1200 to $1800. It's important for you to do some research and find out how much it will cost you to have your permanent cosmetic treatments performed. You might be two veneers and whitening away from having that perfect smile which runs you anywhere between $2200 to $2400. Do the comparison in order to make an informed decision.

The Snap-On-Smile comes with a 1 year limited warranty, which the manufacturer mentions can be extended. Read all the details, it might look like a great deal, but if you do the comparisons and the math, it might cost you more long term if you have to replace it once or twice during a five year period.

As for my friend, although the manufacturer states it's a perfect solution for just about everyone, it turned out to be the worst solution for her, she is looking to have smaller, less bulky, perfectly aligned teeth and this product cannot provide her that since it would be adding bulk on top of her teeth and her smile would look worse than it does now.

Doctor Saliba at Selective Dentistry - George Saliba DDS in Corona Del Mar, CA says that not one product, veneers, crowns, implants, snap-on-smile is a perfect solution that fits everyone, it's important for you to find a good dental office, that first cares about your oral health and you must rely on the opinion of your dental professional to guide you in the right direction based on your dental needs.

Doctor Saliba says "A castle cannot be built or withstand the test of times if not built on a strong foundation" , he urges everyone to brush regularly and correctly. If the Snap on Smile is the perfect fit for you, go for it, but make sure you do so knowing all the facts and the proper care instructions for the product and your natural teeth.

Remember, your were born with a precious gift called a smile, It is estimated that there are 6,554,526,725 people, 193 countries, over 6000 languages on earth but we all share one thing in common, a smile, learn to love yours and remember to share a smile with someone daily.



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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I purchased my Snap on Smile 2 years ago, right before my daughter was married. I too was horrified at how big the teeth are, and yes, I also found that I had a lisp so I practiced talking with my teeth in for weeks before the wedding.

      As far as food stains go, I brush the teeth with Polident toothbrush. If the food stains are really bad, I soak them in the product given to me by the dental office, then I brush them will Polident to remove the stains.

      I don't wear them everyday, I hate eating a meal with them in, but if I am out for lunch or dinner, as soon as I get home, I soak them, then brush them to remove all stains.

      I like how I look in pictures when wearing them, and for me that is important.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I have been in the dental field over 12 years and i take a darn good impression. That is not the problem. The problem is if you add any material to anything without first removing something the result is bulk. A sock adds bulk to your foot. A shoe adds bulk to a socked foot. Get it? No, your mouth wont close naturally. Yes, the teeth are big and saliva will accumulate and you will lisp and you may experience TMJ discomfort because this bulky thing is keeping your teeth out of their natural occlusion. Really people, its not rocket science.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I just recently purchased a snap on smile. It is big, bulky, and look like Novelty teeth. I knew they were going to be larger than my teeth and I was fine with that. But when I told the dentist they were way to big I can't hardly close my mouth he said "you'll get used to it" I am not a wealthy person by any means and 1500 is a lot of money and I feel like they just stole it from me and are getting away with it. Please please please second guess your thought on getting snap on smile. It's a scam and I fell into it!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I just recently purchased a snap on smile. It is big, bulky, and look like Novelty teeth. I knew they were going to be larger than my teeth and I was fine with that. But when I told the dentist they were way to big I can't hardly close my mouth he said "you'll get used to it" I am not a wealthy person by any means and 1500 is a lot of money and I feel like they just stole it from me and are getting away with it. Please please please second guess your thought on getting snap on smile. It's a scam and I fell into it!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I got a snap on smile last week. I am so disappointed. The no drilling is only if the impression was done properly, mine was not and my dentist was drilling away particles to try and make it fit and it still does not. My snap on moves up and down when I talk and feels and looks like I have on horse teeth. The dentist says he wants to do the impression over, I guess I have no choice but to go ahead and do it because I've already paid. Is there some kind of refund if the dentist admits that they don't fit properly? He says it is because of the way my teeth are structured. I might just have to think about how I can get my money back. Any advice please!

    • profile image


      5 years ago people are harsh....a saint louis mo resident and was looking....well i guess if i find one good review...ill re consider...but far...mostly complaints.........aint it funny how we complain about things we want to improve and yet cant except the gifts we were given...i a

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I spent $1,200 on a set of uppers and I actually cried! They are non refundable and they look like HORSE TEETH! Literally you talk with a lisp. HORRIBLE!!!! SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!!!

    • Pascale1973 profile imageAUTHOR

      Pascale Skaf Saliba 

      5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      I have not met anyone happy with a snap on smile yet, no matter what dentist. Our dental office refuses to provide them. It's a terrible solution for a nice healthy smile and the fact people think they'll save money is a myth. You actually waste money.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      They are CRAP! I got a Snap On Smile from a dentist on Prospect Avenue, in Mount Vernon, New York. He filed and filed my teeth, I wore two brackets on my front teeth with rubber bands, which did bring my front teeth closer, and he told me they would look fabulous. NOT! The moment he took them out I knew they weren't going to fit and I wasn't going to be happy with them. They look like horse teeth; my mouth sticks out something awful; Spit collects in the upper part and I have to keep sucking; I can't talk or get used to them and I've had them in for 2 days straight! (Thank heavens I don't have to go out side and if I did, I wouldn't wear them); they remind me of those Halloween teeth I used to wear when I was a kid and they fit and feel like that, too. The better dentists do't do this and I know why; they have ethics and wouldn't dare scam someone or take their hard earned money this way. This is a shame. It's not the true Snap On Smile; it doesn't have the holes and its too fat and cumbersome. It looks like something made for a clown. Guess we are the suckers and we are the ones that got clowned. I will be reporting this to whomever will listen; BBB, consumer agencies and tell the world this dentist is a scam artist. I have seen other Snap On Smiles and they don't look like the one I got. It didn't have the holes and was made like those on or by a low budget lab.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I agree. CRAP is the right word. The dentist that I went to charged $3,200, but after reading the bad reviews I thought the high price comes with quality. NO! And the dentist is a scam artist, telling me that everything looks good and I need to get use to it. CRAP again- I could not close my lips, upper jaw was protruding forward, speech slurred, headaches caused by strain on TMJ joints, inflammation (which could have lead to chronic condition). And the longest I was used the snap on smile was 3 hrs, trying to get "use to it" as advised by the dentist. suffered for about 10 days, went back. Guess what? He would not knowledge all address any of the problems. Dentists answer: "It is not my fault you don't like how it looks", "Its not my fault you changed your mind. " It was unwearable piece of CRAP. Dentist- scam artist!!!!

    • Pascale1973 profile imageAUTHOR

      Pascale Skaf Saliba 

      5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      I completely agree with you, people shy away from paying the high costs of dentistry but in reality quality work costs, I obviously couldn't bash a product in my hub but I wanted people to really think about it before they decide to waste their money, thank you for reading

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Horrible product! So cheap & absurd! These dod NOT look real, do NOT fit well, do NOT mistake them for something you would want to wear any place except in the privacy of your own home where nobody can see you looking so silly! I just paid over a grand for these & they come loose when I chew anything & are not much beyond custom made whitening trays. NOT SUITABLE as passing for actual teeth. They look worse than bad dentures. DO NOT BE SCAMMED! You will be sorry you wasted your money. I surely am! Crap being advertised as something it just is NOT! Be careful!

    • Talullah profile image


      6 years ago from SW France

      Something I've never heard of before, and I've been a dental nurse! Very interesting idea, but I'm glad you pointed out the obvious considerations such as making sure the teeth and gums are healthy enough in the first place!

    • gjfalcone profile image


      7 years ago from Gilbert, Arizona

      Interesting Hub. Great Presentation.


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