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All of a Sudden I have more years behind me

Updated on January 15, 2010
A little older -maybe
A little older -maybe
But I feel like I just rolled off the assembly line.
But I feel like I just rolled off the assembly line.


Earlier this year on my way back to Texas I stopped in Atlanta to visit one of my bffs. The night before I left the kids were packing for a camping trip; I was helping Michael pack while he read from the list. “No cell phones or pocket knifes are allowed and no walkmans”. With a quizzical look on his face Michael looked up at me and said “walkmans? What is a walkman?” I began to laugh as it hit me; this kid is 14, and then said “it’s a portable CD player”. The fact that I knew what a walkman was and this teenager didn’t made me think about my age holding at 33; as I said holding.

        I had a similar experience last year with a much younger coworker; we had many previous conversations that seemed age resistant. As I approached Kayla I started talking about working in a sports bar during Mike Tyson’s early years and his knock out fight. My immediate point was how this fight only lasted like four rounds then was over and the bar cleared out. Kayla is a good listener but I could see she could not place this peak sporting event in her mind. How could someone that spends time in a sports bar not recall Mike Tyson’s noteworthy fight? Oblivious to why she couldn’t remember I said “Mike Tyson…knock-out punch!” Finally she said “what year was this?” Eager to finish the rest of the story I quickly said “maybe 1988!” At that moment I think she was reassured to know she wasn’t brain dead, she then said with relief “Okay I was like 2 in 1988 Jude”. Wow how did so many years creep up on me? That was definitely a blow to my self image since I don’t remember ever feeling old.

        Another form of mental trauma I recent experienced was while writing a school paper last year... like they say better late than never. I started researching generations and wanted to know where I fit in. It started with the generation called baby-boomers, then came generation X, followed by generation Y. Apparently the next generation has taken on a totally different label with the title Global Millennials. I have to admit I was NOT ready when, according to the chart, I found out I was a baby boomer. Ever since I can remember hearing that term I thought it was my mother’s generation. OMGosh! How did I get past 33? I’ve said I’m 33 for so long I’m not sure what my exact age it; well, actually I upgraded about three years ago when I didn’t think I could get away with 28 anymore. All I know is the people around me, young and old continue to add years to their birthdays while the same two candles of 3 are half circles on my cake each year . 


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