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All on 4 Teeth In A Day Cost Less Than Some Other Methods

Updated on April 10, 2012

All on 4 Teeth in a Day

Dental implants have proven to be one of the best methods to replace a tooth that has been lost, whether through decal or perhaps a sporting accident. Despite the 97% success of this procedure though, there are certain times when it may not be the best procedure to use. The idea of having teeth in a day in itself may seem unusual, but when you factor in that these teeth in a day cost significantly less than some other methods you may be pleasantly surprised.

The teeth in a day procedure, also referred to as all on 4, is often used when a number of teeth are lost and a fixed bridge can be used to replace them. Anchoring a fixed bridge, however, often means having to file down a tooth that has nothing wrong with it in order to hold the bridge in place. Increasingly though, this is being replaced by a procedure called all on 4. This involves the placing of 4 dental implants into the jaw, most commonly in the upper jaw. Two of these implants are slightly longer and are placed into the jaw at an angle which allows them to hold the bridge in place more efficiently and using fewer implants. This procedure has been shown to be more successful than the fitting of dentures which, as well as being a little socially embarrassing, are often reported by wearers to be uncomfortable and often loose fitting too.

Although this procedure is perhaps not as widely known as some other cosmetic dental procedures, a large poster advertising all on 4 implants in Epsom has recently appeared in a local dentist’s window, so one can only presume that it is starting to become better known throughout the UK.

Of course, any missing teeth could be replaced by single implants, one at a time, but that would make the cost prohibitive for all but the very wealthy as well as involving several visits to the dentist and a long period of time without being able to eat harder foods.

a single dental implant - expensive and not always the best method if several teeth are missing.
a single dental implant - expensive and not always the best method if several teeth are missing.

By using an all on 4 implant whether in Epsom or anywhere else in Essex or theUK, you need never have to worry about the stability of your replacement teeth as you would with dentures, or worry about your bank balance as you certainly would do if each tooth was replaced individually.

The procedure itself is relatively straight forward and does not take too long as the implants that are used are also shorter than traditional implants which also means that there is no problem fitting them in the jaws of people who have suffered bone loss.

This all on 4 procedure could yet be the one that changes a persons life and gives them back their long yearned for smile.


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