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All that you need to know about Sleep Apnea

Updated on September 29, 2012

Effective treatments for sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a common disorder in which a person has abnormal or inconsistent pauses in breathing while sleeping. It is a condition, that disturbs sleep patterns which results in poor sleep quality leaving you tired the whole day. Most of us overlook snoring as annoying but this may be an indication of suffering from sleep apnea. When the sleep apnea is left untreated it may lead to other health complications and diseases. It is always better to consult a suitable doctor immediately for proper medical attention.

Types of sleep apnea:

1. Obstructive sleep apnea - This is a condition where the airway gets blocked during sleep causing pauses in breathing. This condition is most commonly seen in obese people and also in people who have enlarged tonsils.

2. Central sleep apnea- This disorder occurs in the brain center that controls breathing, when the brain fails to send the correct signals to the breathing muscles.

Sleep Apnea signs and symptoms:

It is tough to identify sleep apnea on your own but your family members can track and identify the symptoms of sleep apnea. Some of the symptoms include:

1. Chronic snoring

2. Pauses in breathing

3. Choking or gasping for breath during sleep

4. Daytime sleepiness.

5. Difficulty in concentration

6. Morning headaches

7. Moodiness and depression.

Causes and risk factors:

1. Occurs mostly above the age of 60.

2. Most commonly seen in men.

3. Overweight.

4. Chain smokers

These are the symptoms of obstructive sleep apnea. However central sleep apnea is more seen in people suffering from serious illness like cardiac diseases, neurological or spinal disorders.

Sleep Apnea Home Remedies:

Mild and moderate conditions can be treated easily at home by taking certain precautionary measures. Some of them include:

1. Regular sleep schedules- This is most important when it comes to the natural way of curing sleep apnea. Sticking to a proper night schedule will help you relax and sleep better.

2. Quit smoking- Smoking any form of tobacco is believed to cause inflammation and retention of fluid in your air passage and throat causing sleep apnea

3. Losing weight- Mild and moderate sleep apnea conditions can be completely corrected if you cut off those extra kilos. It is always better to stay fit and feel healthy.

4. Avoid alcohol, sedatives and caffeine- Avoid these to the maximum as they interfere with your regular breathing. Try not to consume anything heavy at least within 2 hours of going to bed.

Professional treatments for sleep apnea

If sleep apnea conditions are severe and haven't improved with a change in lifestyle it's better to consult a doctor immediately to seek medical help.

Some of the commonly advised treatments for sleep apnea are:-

1. Treating other health conditions causing sleep apnea like heart or neurological diseases.

2. Breathing devices are helpful in managing obstructive sleep Apnea conditions

3. Using oxygen supplements while sleeping.

4. CPAP- Continuous Positive Airflow Pressure is the most commonly employed treatment option for sleep apnea in recent times. The mask in CPAP machine provides a steady flow of air to keep the air passages open when you are asleep. It gives you a huge relief and a huge boost to your mental and physical energy.

If you or your dear ones are suffering from sleep apnea, do not ignore it. There are various sleep apnea solutions that can help you treat sleep apnea effectively.


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      Yaamini Radhakrishnan 

      5 years ago

      Sleep apnea is a very common problem and many people ignore this. Please dont ignore


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