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All the people we are

Updated on July 19, 2014

Projecting our image

Have you ever watched the old projectors in the early cinemas? They flicker and chatter into life and pour forth such wonderful images to entertain, amuse and enthrall those watching.

They brought whole new worlds to the audiences in the early cinemas; the digital systems that now produce those images – images so real that we feel immersed in them – whilst incredible, lack some of the magic and atmosphere of the early machines.

There are many similarities between those early projectors and us as individuals.

Low or empty batteries

It takes a huge amount of energy to be all the people that we are. Daily we will project whichever version of our personality is appropriate; there will be one for family, one for friends, one for colleagues at work; we will switch on whatever is appropriate for the situation we are in, the projector splutters into life and off we go!

That’s all well and good while there is enough in the batteries to keep those projections going. Once the batteries begin to drain though it becomes harder and harder to project all the people we can or need to be; images falter, become patchy and at times fail completely.

We are left exposed, the real us is saying ‘I’ve had enough of this’, ‘I can’t do it any more’.

Life throws many things at us and we cope - we keep going. But sometimes there are just too many balls to juggle and that ability to cope diminishes; the real person that we are – becomes lost, tired – perhaps even exhausted.

Re-charging the emotional batteries

In this age of technology we are constantly recharging all our electronic items - phones, e-books, tablets. We are never far from a charger and an electric socket. They must be topped up regularly to keep them going, and us entertained.

Just like those electronic companions,it is important that we find time to re-charge our emotional batteries; ground ourselves again - get back in touch with who we really are. If we don't then our ability to project and be all the different people we are diminishes.

If we don’t take that time, we will become distressed, depressed and unwell.

When did you last do something just for you? When were you last selfish and self-protective? These things are the re-charge we need. Anything that helps us to regain that inner energy and strength.

Reach inside and touch the real you – re-charge the batteries. It is always important and time well spent.

Once you are grounded again, clear about who you are and what you need, once that core personality is strong again, then your ability to project the other versions of ‘you’ can gradually return and life becomes more fulfilled and enriched once again.


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    • lmmartin profile image

      lmmartin 6 years ago from Alberta and Florida

      I am always selfish and self-protective. It's my nature. I'm one of those people who, much as the enjoy others, needs lots of alone time to recharge. Lucky for me, I've known this all my life and arranged things accordingly. Great advice for those who've yet to learn.