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Allergies and How to Embrace Them!

Updated on April 27, 2018
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Cally L Sumpter is a wife, mother, and business owner in Arvada Colorado. She is a certified spiritual healer and Reiki practitioner.

They can make you healthy!

A little more than 15 years ago I was thrown into a deep and difficult path of total allergy mania. I have always had allergies. They presented themselves in 2nd grade and since then I have used an inhaler, a steriod medicine and tons of allergy skin prick testing which come to find out, I am allergic to 85% of the Earth. At 35 years old I poured some ranch dressing on my salad where soon after I began a terrifying, couldn't breathe, asthma attack. Before this, I would be short of breath, and need my inhaler but never that bad. I thought I might die.

Thick sweat began to drip from my brow, as I gasped for air. My oldest son pounded me up and down my back and lungs as my husband quickly drove our younger children to school stop to pick up more asthma medicine. At the time I didn't have an Epi-pen, I never needed one before. Well, the sweat on my brow, come to find out, was not sweat, but was adrenaline. I researched the strange smell it eluded and I was curious. Adrenaline has a penetrating smell of sweet onions. I was scared! My body was fighting to breathe, fighting to live.

My son began to talk to me, to keep me calm because stress can make the airways expand more. "You are ok, everything is fine" "You can breathe" I took my medicine and slept on a pile of propped up pillows for the rest of the day. If you are wondering why I didn't call an ambulance and go to the hospital, I just couldn't spend that kind of money. I have had this disease my whole life, I kept a level head and waited it out.

If you are afraid, feel the fear, then turn it into flight and set it free.

To be turned into bravery, courage, and strength.

what we need more in this chaotic world.

Cally Sumpter

Soon after, I got to work on figuring out why I had such a severe attack. I began with the ingredients in ranch dressing. I started cutting out dairy. These allergies initially run in my family. My relatives typically have the same issues. This isn't a diet but a whole different lifestyle. A couple years prior I had also just become low thyroid, and that has its own set of dietary rules. I was also a vegetarian but soon find out, also allergic to soy. I began to keep track of everything I eat, if I had trouble then I would pinpoint the issue. I wrote some poetry about it. I can't have deviled eggs and that was a severe attack too. As was, soup and honey mustard. Once in awhile, I would eat something to see if I would have another attack. It hasn't got any better as a matter a fact it may be worse. I take my inhaler, allergy tablets, nebulizer and I became sick and tired for up to a week with each of these food experiments.

Many recipes you can change to allergy free

Whatever You Like Banana Pancakes

One of my favorite simple allergy-free recipes... unless you are allergic to eggs, thankfully they are one of the few foods I can have...

1/2 cup gluten-free rice flour, corn flour, oatmeal or equivalent,

1 banana

1 egg

* 1/2 cup of all natural sugar, honey, applesauce or another sweetener

*If you would like less sweet you can omit

non-stick frying pan

stove burner on medium heat.

Fruit Toppings if desired, (strawberries, pears, peaches, etc...

mix your ingredients together and add olive oil to your pan and spoon into desired shapes and size of your banana pancakes. Cook on lower medium heat so they don't cook too fast. When the edges begin to bubble turn over when lightly browned.

I make a bowl of these and keep them in the fridge. In the mornings when I need something quick to eat, I grab a few, heat, pour another small cup of pure maple syrup and run off to enjoy my day!

Asthma and Allergies Table

7.6 % have asthma
8.4 % have asthma
2 million ER visits per year
30% have allergies
40% have allergies
48% have dogs
4% have food allergies
5% have food allergies
38% have cats

I have been called "picky"

Why Me?

I have learned to embrace my asthma and allergies as a way to be healthy, breathe easier, keep off the weight, and eat to live. When I go out to eat or to a picnic or BBQ I will bring my own dressing, then I can always have salad, veggies if nothing else. I have learned to educate my peers as to why I am allergic to food and not just being "picky". I have helped some of my friends and family to become healthier by diet and holistic habits.At first, I was upset and went through the 'why me' pity party. It took time to get used to the drastic change I had gone through to having so many asthma attacks from so many foods! It seemed like I couldn't eat anything for awhile so I became rebellious and would try to eat certain foods hoping that my sensitivity would have been just a fleeting moment, but in the end, I would have trouble breathing and cough for a week. After many rebellious moments, I decided that it just wasn't worth the sickness eating certain foods caused and I quit eating anything that could cause a reaction. I began to release all my fears, pain and anger from this life-changing situation. I decided to be happy with other aspects of my life, meditate and send out courage, bravery, and strength to the world bringing those retrospects to myself and those around me.


In the very beginning, my symptoms presented themselves as Celiac disease

"Celiac disease, also known as coeliac disease or gluten allergy, is an autoimmune disorder that affects around 1 in 100 Americans. The disease is caused by gluten intolerance. "

I had my doctor test my blood for the disease and thankfully I am only borderline. He did advise that I drop gluten and wheat from my diet. As for the asthma symptoms, he told me to have my asthma medicine and epi-pen always on my person. I researched, studied and learned all about meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, and allergy-free ingredients and recipes. I also have seasonal, exercise, and sun sensitivity issues and take medication for those as well. in the end, I cannot live in a bubble, I love the earth, animals, seasons and food, I have learned to deal with each day as part of life and learning this life experience.

If you are also having trouble with asthma, food, seasonal, exercise allergies, food allergies please go seek a doctors advice.


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    • ABDUL HONEY profile image


      23 months ago from Pakistan (Islamabad)

      best article i have read until now


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