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Allergies and your Body: Digestive Tract, the Skin, the Eyes, the Nose and the Ears

Updated on January 19, 2016
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Image courtesy of Toa55 at | Source

An Overview on Allergies and Affected Regions

Everyone has had them and if you have not, you at least know someone that has had to deal with them. They simply swoop in and make you feel as uncomfortable as you possibly could and sometimes leave scars behind.

Allergies are reactions your body has to certain elements in your environment leading your body to make some physical changes, for example: rashes, itchiness, coughing, sneezing, bloating, vomiting, airway constriction, asthma, eczema and several other reactions. During this article I will enlighten you in the causes for allergies and where they can strike.

Allergies can range from being simply an uncomfortable body reaction all the way into being lethal. An example of lethal allergic reactions is the swelling of the respiratory tracts due to the consumption of peanuts, peanut essentials or any medication or chemicals. These affections can be treated in two main ways. The first way is through medications, which are usually applied orally. The second way of treating allergies is by using immunotherapy in which the patients are injected with the element that causes their body to react (also known as allergen) so that the body is able to withstand being near the allergen.

Say you’re allergic to bees. An immunotherapy session would involve allowing a trained physician to inject the toxin in small doses into your body in order to increase its resilience to the allergen. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is applicable to health. Medications used to reduce the chances of having an allergic reaction are known as anti-histamines and decongestants. These medications allow the user to come into contact with the allergen without having to fear a reaction.

Allergies can range from being simply an uncomfortable body reaction all the way into being lethal.

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An allergen or the element that causes the allergy can vary from something as small as a speck of dust to something as harmless as a shrimp. Yes, my friend, the allergen does not have to come in large doses to be able to cause an allergic reaction. However consuming large doses of an element, let us say strawberries and consuming strawberries non-stop for a week or two can cause your body to have a reaction to the fruit. This is due to the fact that your body is telling you it has had enough of that element and it would like it for you to stop consuming it. Though it is a very complicated way of achieving an allergic reaction it is a plausible one.

The chemical process behind an allergy involves your immune system. Within your immune system a chemical known as histamine is in charge taking care of you against any toxic elements. Sometimes in some people the histamine production makes bad judgment calls upon which and what amount of chemicals can be dangerous for you. Then they become what is dangerous for you by inflaming certain delicate areas of your body, impairing vision at times and as I mentioned before even lead to death.

The way an antihistamine works is by blocking the histamine in your body from doing their work. If you feel like you need medication for any allergic reactions you may be having consult your physician for an appropriate examination of your condition and the correct prescription of the antihistaminic you may need. Sometimes those defenses actually do their job and not having them at the correct moment may also become problematic.

Now, it is time to know where these reactions may strike on your body. The allergic reactions normally occur on the following organs:

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Image courtesy of | Source

1. Allergies and the Digestive Tract:

Whenever the digestive tract has an allergic reaction it will do everything in its power to expel the allergen from the body. The methods it uses to expel the allergen are vomiting and diarrhea. Once the digestive tract reacts it also brings its owner abdominal pain and it usually bloats when reacting to an allergen. Vomiting is a normal reaction to keep any harmful elements out of your body. If you feel like your up chuck reflex is kicking in, make sure you listen to it.

Allergic or Intolerant?

2. Allergies and the Skin

Is the most usual region for an allergic reaction or at least the one that is more visible when there is a reaction. The skin reacts achieving a tone of red, developing rashes, eczema and hives. This tends to leave behind scars and its symptoms are far too uncomfortable for the ailed person to bear. However no people have died from an allergic reaction on the epidermis.

This allergic reactions are very uncomfortable no doubt, but once again no people have died from this type of allergies. Some allergens that may cause your skin to crawl are bug bites from mosquitoes to bees, entering in contact with chemicals like Clorox or paint thinner and even being scratched by a cat can bring about an allergic reaction worth taking note of.

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Image courtesy of | Source

3. Allergies and Eyes:

Are the part of the body that has the least amount of reactions to allergens. Nevertheless it does and it turns red when it does due to the destruction of the blood vessels in the eye. The usual reaction apart from the redness is a case of allergic conjunctivitis. If the reaction to the allergen is particularly strong eyesight may be impaired for a certain amount of time due to swelling of the tissue around the eyes. Once again bee bites play a role here, pollen and other dust particles may cause allergic reactions.

Allergies: Natural Ayurvedic Home Remedies

ADAM Allergies; Image Courtesy of:
ADAM Allergies; Image Courtesy of: | Source

4. Allergies and the Nose:

The sinuses and the airways: are somewhat related, because, of course you need them all to breathe. The nasal mucosa will swell leaving the person with a case of rhinitis. People that cannot be near cats and dust will suffer either of nasal rhinitis or allergic sinusitis both of which involves particles or hairs travelling up the nose and sinuses causing these reactions. Then we have the airways, which can react by having the body cough, and sneeze both of which are methods for your body to expel the allergen. The airways can also react by having the sufferer wheeze and have asthma attacks and constriction of the airways.

5. Allergies and the Ears:

The last but not the least affected organ the ears tend clog up due to the Eustachian tubes inability to drain. This leads the person with the ears to feel a considerable amount of pain and impaired hearing.

This article directed more into informing you what an allergy was, what organs were affected had the allergic reactions and the causes for which a person should have be affected. If the causes were not clear enough here is a little bit of clearance for you. The main reason for your body to have an allergic reaction is coming into contact with an allergen.

Not everybody have the same allergy. Some people react to seafood while other people react to dust and cats; other people are allergic to bees and their poison. The one thing all these people have in common is that once they get in touch with their respective allergen something bad happens. Not all people are allergic to what is commonly an allergen so don’t blame the allergen blame your immune system and do something about it.

If you are interested on knowing how to combat the allergic reaction more than what causes your allergic reaction I encourage you to browse through our hub page. I will keep you up to date on natural remedies and herbs that may help you cool off an allergy at home.

Natural Solutions for Food Allergies and Food Intolerances:

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