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How to find Allergy or Non allergy in children

Updated on April 29, 2015
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Your body's natural protection is the immune system of your body
Your Immune system protects the body against any infections. It is a collective effort that a body makes towards infections. Sometimes it is called the ‘immune response’. The inbuilt immune mechanisms may act instantly to protect the infection in the body. There are 2 main division of the immune system:The inbuilt protection we have right from our birth and the immune protection we acquire from being exposed to certain type of diseases or infections.when the body comes into contact with bacteria, virus or any other intruder, the body’s immune system manufactures antibodies to fight the attacker.supporting the healthy development of your baby’s immune system .
Babies are born with a natural immunity in them .The baby’s natural immune system starts to develop with the assistance of the antibodies, passed on from the mother’s healthy immune system through the placenta during the period when the baby was still in the womb of the mother.If you breastfeed after giving birth to the child , you continue to pass on the antibodies which will help the baby’s natural immune system to carry on developing healthily as he or she grows .

Is your child Allergy prone or non-allergy prone?

During the early days after the birth of a child, a baby’s immune system will either be‘allergy prone’ or non-allergy prone’.Which way does the body of the child switches depends largely on the genetics and the environment into which a child is born.children born in slums build strong immunity whereas children born in well kept families are prone to allergy or infections.
Mothers should take great care of themselves if they want the expected child to be non allergy prone as we all know a child is feed by the mother when in womb and at least 6 months after the child is born by the breast milk .as the children start growing they are exposed to outer pollutions and number of children are getting prone to allergy day by day and in today’s atmospheric changes and decreasing resistance of their body. Asthma is the most common type of allergy that affects the children today.Experts says that most of the cases the diseases that comes under scrutiny are cough and cold which are primarily due to allergy from dust, rainy weather or any kind of atmospheric changes..

Children need special care to keep away from the allergies. First thing to take care of is the hygiene of the kids.In case of change in weather or season never ignore the appropriate clothes example in winters dress your child with warm clothes and during monsoon protect your child from sudden exposure to rain,always remember allergies hit once you make yourself expose to sudden changes of atmosphere. Another important thing to remember is,make sure that on returning home after playing outdoor games your children take bath and change their clothes. Also check the food impacts on your children if any of it is related to some particular eatables and keep on checking the medicinal impacts on your child too from time to time and avoid any medicine before preliminary check ups.consult your doctor before any medicine is given to the children .sometimes we see just because we have pets in the home the children get allergy ,so either you get rid of pets else try your best to keep your children away from pets


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