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Allow NLP to make you uncomfortable

Updated on December 6, 2014

Taking yourself out of your comfort zone

When people think about NLP, they tend to associate it with a way of changing their lives for the better. However, what they do not realise initially is that to do this, it has to take you out of your comfort zone. This is the best way that people can eliminate bad habits and irrational fears from their current lifestyle. When you think of it, this makes sense, because the only way to win any battle is to face the opposition head-on

The only way to get started on your new diet or exercise regime is to embrace the challenge. NLP can help you do this, but it does take some effort on your part. Any fears or concerns about the new lifestyle you are about to embark on can be eliminated, as long as you are prepared to take things one step at a time and not rush headlong into the abyss of failure.

NLP: The Essential Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Change can be uncomfortable at first

It is important that you are prepared to take yourself out of your comfort zone, the area that you feel most comfortable and at ease with yourself. But isn't it yourself that you want to change. Isn't it the bad habits and irrational fears that you have built up during your lifetime that you want to get rid of; so stop running away from the truth and start to enjoy discomfort in your life for a while.

For example, we all know that we have to eat healthily, and that the means eating more fruit and vegetables and less fatty and convenience foods. The answer is simple, but putting it into practice is difficult. This is because most people prefer the taste of sweet things like chocolates and candy, rather than that of fruit and vegetables. We feel far more comfortable eating a tub of desert rather than eating oranges or apples, for instance. This is rare. It is important that you concentrate on doing things one step at a time. Start by gradually substituting a piece of through for a chocolate mousse two or three times a week; and build up from that. You might not feel comfortable initially, but you will get used to it. You have to appreciate you are not going to reach your target weight overnight, but you are changing one bad habit into a good one. Once you have done that you can start on another bad habit, one step at a time.

Obviously this whole process is not that difficult to put into action, and it is not going to kill you, but you are having to add a bit of discomfort into your life. You will probably find that you start to enjoy being uncomfortable because you soon start to realise it is doing you good. It is eliminating your bad habits and fears one by one. As you become used to being in uncomfortable situations, your stress levels will fall. And as we all know it is stress levels that cause us to leap back into our comfort zones, and you are breaking that circle, the more you realise that these problems did not exist in the first place.

Faster and easier than hypnosis

Don't think people are always judging you

Anything that you are going to be judged upon can cause you stress, such as writing a report or dissertation, which is going to be read by your peers, or marked by you mentors. In situations like this, you tend to procrastinate, you find other things to do that you enjoy more, but in fact this increases your stress levels, so you hide back in your comfort zone.

Exercising is a great habit to get into, but a lot of people are too embarrassed to exercise in public. The thought of doing this terrifies them. However, if you adopt the one step at a time, principal to this it becomes easy to conquer. You see, what terrifies most people is that they feel that everybody is looking at them, and in reality they're not. If the some reason people are watching you, it is because they are jealous of you and admire the fact that you have the nerve to do it, whereas they lack the self-confidence. If this is one of the fears you need to eliminate from your life, just start by jogging down your street at a time when you know there will not be many people about. It does not matter if you stop after only 400 yards, you have started a new and good habit that is going to make you healthier. You will soon be jogging for longer distances, and not worrying what other people think of you because you are proud of achieving your goals.

To sum it all up

You will soon find that leaving your comfort zone is just different, it is not bad and it is not really scary. Once you begin to embrace this fact. You will find that your life will begin to change, and it will become a lot more interesting. With this will come more self-confidence and you will be able to conquer your fears more easily. You will begin to take control of your life rather than letting your life take control of you.

In the past few years the number of people using Neuro-Linguistic Programming in their day-to-day life has been rapid. These days more people see it as an effective method to use to effect changes in their lives. To find out more about NLP go to where there are a number of articles and videos on this topic.


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