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Allowing for Self-healing

Updated on May 19, 2015
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What drive LoryRich's desire to share health-related hubs with the readers would be her own discoveries / learning with real health issues.

An alkaline body is a healthy body.
An alkaline body is a healthy body. | Source

Know the Cause(s) of Your Illness and Face the Condition Head-On

Are you sick , , , I mean sick in the body? Do you know the cause? Knowledge about the sickness is paramount in order for you to be on top of the situation. The cause is an important piece of information since just by merely knowing its cause, the battle against the sickness may have already been half won, so to speak.

Consider these: (1) Sometimes the cause of a sickness is genetic. (3) Of course, accumulation of all past excesses as in bad habits (smoking, lack of sleep, over anything, etc.) is sure to reflect sooner or later in the body. (3) Condition can also start from a toxic mind which in turn can trigger sick emotions; and in the end, the constant bombardment of all these negative thoughts and emotions leaves the poor body defenseless and with no choice but to succumb. It is helpful to realize that the human body does not distinguish from good or bad vibes. It just absorbs and reacts. (4) Free radicals and environment pollution add to the weakening of body's immune system.

How are you taking it? It seems that not everyone takes sickness in equal measure. Others, choose to be positive; but a vast good number, it seems, gives way to the negative pull of the sickness. Knowing where you are within the wide spectrum of healthy acceptance and destructive denial at this very instant is always a good starting point to self- healing. Be your own best friend. You can be your own healer.


Taking Responsibility Over One's Healing Process

"Self-care is synonymous to health care, self-healing and truly loving oneself."

Good news is - the body can heal itself. It has its own wisdom, Lest we forgot, human body is part of nature and as such, it breathes on its own, fully operational and working day in and day out without our explicit permission. Under normal circumstances, it functions on an auto pilot. This does not mean, of course, that if we are sick, we do not need any help or intervention from a medical specialist. We do need them. But they can only help so much, it is the body that has the final say. In short, it is us humans who can allow for (or impedes) our own healing process. Thus, the first step is to:

1) Take responsibility for your own condition at the moment. Know that healing is a process which most of the time teaches patience.

Healing oneself or self-healing starts from the brain, from having a healthy mindset. Assuming everything is all equal, a person who is more open to healing will have a greater chance of healing, one way or the other, compared to one who is already close minded and has become bitter about his capacity to be healed. The brain transmits signals to all parts of the body. Thus, it is not hard to think that weak signals from the brain will transmit weak signals throughout the body system, making healing more difficult if not impossible.

2) Manage your emotions well. Don't allow toxic emotions to linger long. Recognizing and feeling all the emotions on the onset are normal and healthy. Emotions are neutral, neither good nor bad. Yet, totally ignoring them or dwelling on them for too long will be unhealthy in the long term as too much acid and harmful fluids may be excreted by the organs. Anything that is stuck up or blocked signals toxic condition. Allow the emotions to move or flow through the body by engaging in some daily exercises and work-outs.

3) Take the right actions to the best of your ability and light at the moment. Toxic thoughts panning a negative emotions could lead to toxic actions. Step back from the negative situation, feelings and thoughts. Just be and stay calm . . . breathe in and breath out. No harm will come to you just by being in the moment while the raging feelings are happening within. Feel it all the way minus the sad or furious stories surrounding the situation. It will soon come to pass. Remember the calm weather after every storm? If you miss or makes mistakes, learn to forgive yourself and others. Let kindness be your default. Let go of ego or pride. You can best enjoy life by being healthy and free!

4) Boost self-healing through self-care. Eat good food. Take rest and sleep. Smile a lot from the inside and outside. Enjoy your work but have "me" time as well. Pray or meditate on a regular basis. Be in nature. Nature heals. Be friendly and helpful. Challenges will come since they're part of life. Know that you have the capacity to handle them well. Or, you can always ask for help from someone who cares. or in the know.

Food is for good health . . . not only for beauty and pleasure.

5) Be flexible and be open to new ideas and methods. Interact. Read informative books / materials or listen to self-help audio books. Be curious. Experiment. Be enthusiastic. Trust life. Every moment is new and can be filled with fresh possibilities and miracles. Heal! Live! Enjoy!

Qi Gong for Healing

Qi Gong and Tai Chi are Chinese exercises that are effective to remove stress by moving energy through the body and to get fresh energy from all around us. The routine exercises are easy and simple yet powerful energy boosters. Slow movements with lots of stretching help renew the body, mind and spirit. On top of your regular workouts, it is highly recommended that you do these Qi Gong exercises everyday for self-healing.

Are you still in doubt? Here's a video showing scientific proofs that self-healing is possible.

Healthy human habitats

Self- healing is accelerated if it involves the whole family and community. But if you do not have a family or a supportive community, it doesn't diminish your chances for self-healing. It always comes down to wearing the right attitude of real self-love, showing up or standing up for yourself. The rest will just follow. You can always have your friends or medical crew to name a few.If you can have your support (however they may appear), and you have the means to move around, then, why not let them join your adventure.

Looking after your own health means opting to locate or reside (as much as one is able to) in one healthy environment. Thus, to create, build, maintain, protect and promote healthy human habitats, are essential to self-healing. In a video below, a public health official discussed simply yet quite brilliantly about the importance of this factor.


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