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Almost Half of All Heart Attacks Do Not Have Symptoms, Says Study

Updated on May 31, 2016

As the name suggest a silent heart attack is a condition which exhibits no indications or negligible or unrecognized indications. This condition is medically called as silent ischemia. It is due to lack of blood supply to a particular part of the heart which causes damage to the heart. Silent heart attack can be mistake for nausea, indigestion, muscle pain or flu.

Records suggest that ratio of people with normal heart attack and silent heart attack are almost same.

The risk factors of heart attack are:

  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • Hypertension
  • Smoking and tobacco consumption
  • Family history of heart problem
  • Age
  • Lack of physical exercise
  • Obesity

The consequences of silent heart attack are similar as heart attack. The study shows that silent heart attack are mostly experienced by men but, women are more probable to death. In silent heart attack the risk factor of fatality is three times more.

The silent heart attacks are diagnosed with electrocardiogram (ECG). It is a process to detect and check the electrical activity of heart muscle.

The symptoms of silent heart attack that sometimes go unnoticed are:

  • Vomiting
  • Mild chest pain
  • Discomfort in neck region or jaw
  • Tiredness
  • Heartburn
  • Shortness of breath

Silent heart attack appears like an attack of stomach bug, indigestion or flu. But, even a mild heart attack leave wound on the heart muscle which result in arrhythmia (abnormal heart beat or rhythm).

Heart is a muscular organ which pumps blood to the entire body. Arteries and veins are connected to the heart through which blood that contains oxygen and nutrients are supplied to tissues, and removes carbon dioxide and other waste substances from them. The lungs aids in exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Blockage in arteries by accumulated plaque hinder the blood flow to this organ. Scarring and damage is experienced due to decreased blood flow. There are greater chances of other heart problems. As this condition is not detected early, and no medication is been given to restore this condition, so the impact due to silent heart attack can be greater.

To prevent silent heart attack one should completely stop smoking, decrease their body weight, check and control their cholesterol level and blood pressure. Exercise, proper nutrition and regular health checkup can help to avoid silent heart attack.

The warning signs of silent heart attack should not be ignored or confused for some other condition. Tiredness, nausea, abnormal heart beat, discomfort of jaw or arm pain are some common warning signs. By recognizing these indications a major health problem can be prevented.

Stay alert when you or anybody around you experience any warning signs or symptoms and immediately seek doctor’s consultation to prevent further health problem.


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