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Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel Side Effects UK

Updated on November 22, 2015
Contributed By User John
Contributed By User John | Source

"You ask me what were the secret forces which sustained me during my long fasts. Well, it was my unshakeable faith in God, my simple and frugal lifestyle and the Aloe, whose benefits I discovered upon my arrival in South Africa at the end of the nineteenth century."

"Mahatma Ghandhi"

reference :

This quote from the father of India is sufficient to show the importance of aloe vera in the life of India people.There are many quotes like this by famous people on aloe vera.Aloe vera is wonderful plant and has a lot of health benefits.In this hub Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel Side Effects UK,author will tell you all about aloe vera.

Forever Living Aloevera Scientific Name

Scientific Name-Aloe barbadensis

Aloe Vera is the medicinal plant. Because of its qualities it has many names like silenthealer,ghit kumari, Gwarbhata, desert lily. It has no branches like any plant but only leaves.

Aloe vera plant grows in Egypt,Sudan, Ghana and in other African countries.Later it begin to be sown in Asian countries like India, Pakistan and china.Some varieties of Aloe vera is also found in Brazil,Mexico and New Zealand.

Aloe Vera Plants

Aloe vera plant is green. It can grows to 2-3 feet long and 3-4 inch wide. Its leaves are green. However, its flowers have yellow and red colors. It white color gel inside its leaves. There are more than 250 varieties of Aloe vera available in the world but all varieties are not useful. Only barbadensis variety of aloevera is used for its medicinal properties. Aloe vera is succulent plant. Succulent plants keep much water in themselves. Thus they need less water.

Aloevera Origin And History

Aloe vera is more 5000 years old. In Ramayana and mahabharat era also people used it to cure their ailment. In about 2000 years old, Egypt people used to use it for its medicinal properties. They used it chiefly for its skin benefits. They also used to put it in tomb of their dead relative. They have termed god herb. Mesopotamia people used it to drive away evil.

Aloe Vera Ingredients

Aloe Vera contains 99% water and other 1% important chemicals that are used in medicinal properties.The chemicals contained in aloe vera are-

1.Amino acid-Alovera consist of 20 amino acids. It includes 8 rare amino acids which is not prepared by our body. Few are glystin, threonine, alanine, proline, and methionine.

Aloe vera Plant
Aloe vera Plant | Source

2.Minerals-It contains important minerals which work as antioxidant. Some are calcium, manganese, potassium.

3.Enzymes-Our body needs enzymes to break the food that we eat. Some enzyme in alovera are oxidase, amylase, carboxypeptdase, lipase.

4.Vitamins-It is also required by our body but it doesn’t make it. Therefore aloe Vera is the main source of all vitamins. They work as anti-oxidants. Alovera have vitamins like A, C, E, B1, B2 B3, B5 and B6

5.Anthraquinone-Aloe vera consists of aloetic acid, emodin, ethereal oil, aloin,anthraquinone. They help in prevention of generation of bacteria and viruses.

Other elements of alovera are sugar in the form of monosaccharide, onosaccharide .One of important element is lignin which provide the penetrating capability to alovera.Because of this property,alovera penetrates up to the last layer of skin which are 7 in numbers. It also contains the hormones gibberellin which soothes the wound and heals it.

Nutritional Value Of Aloe Vera Juice Per 100 gram

Value in gram
96.23 g
0.00 g
Total lipid
3.75 g
3.75 g
3.75 g
0 g
0 g
8 g
8 g
0.15 g
Vitamin B-6
0.000 mg
0.000 mg
0.000 mg
0.000 mg
Vitamin C
3.8 mg
Vitamin E
0.00 µg
Vitamin B-12
0.00 µg
Vitamin D
0.0 µg
Vitamin K
0.0 µg
Fatty acids, total saturated
0.000 g
Fatty acids, total monounsaturated
0.000 g
Fatty acids, total polyunsaturated
0.000 g
Fatty acids, total trans
0.000 g
0 mg
United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release 28

Forever Living Aloe Vera Juice Benefits

Aloe vera For Skin-Today in every skin product you will find aloe vera juice or its extract. Aloe vera is powerful moisturizer which helps in cleaning the skin. It removes the dead skin from face giving you a glowing skin. It combines the collagen which helps in removing the wrinkle from the face. It cures the acne and dry skin.

In hot season when skin get burns due to sun then the application of aloe Vera cures it. Little known facts are that the secret of Cleopatra beauty is aloe Vera. Fresh aloe Vera pulp is more powerful than the all those cream and medicine that use aloe Vera as one of the ingredients

Aloe vera Benefits For Hairs- We use it in shampoo because of its ability to fight bacteria and fungus in the hair. It continuous use removes dandruff. It also prevents balding.

Aloe vera Juice For Healing Wounds-Other than that it helps in healing the wounds and burns. Its anti-bacterial and antifungal property prevents further infection while its antiseptic properties cure the wound.

Aloe vera juice For Acid Reflux-Alone Vera juice helps in curing indigestion. It mainly contains aloin which helps in curing is also used in all stomach related problems like acidity.

In acid reflux, it cures the acidity pain and inflammation.It makes your digestion smooth and removes acidic gases.For treatment, one should take aloe vera juice before eating.First take it small doses then you can increase.

Helpful In Heart Disease-The main reason of heart disease is the increase in cholesterol level and accumulation of fat.If you will take aloe Vera juice daily, then it brings down the cholesterol level to normal and removes unnecessary fats from the arteries.

Cures AIDS And Cancer-Research have shown that it help in fighting the AIDS.It stimulates the immune system which becomes weak during AIDS. It also assists in curing leukaemia and lung cancer.

Heath Benefit Of Aloe Vera

Contributed by usman Asif
Contributed by usman Asif | Source

Aloe vera can also be used to drop the weight. For the fast result, take aloe vera juice daily and after that do some exercises.

It also has anti-diabetes properties which help in reducing the blood glucose, but it should not be taken with steroids, diuretics.

Unknown Facts About Aloe vera

1. Surprising to note that Cleopatra use it to make his face glowing and beautiful.

2.Aloe vera contains 99% water, only 1% part is useful and used in home remedies.

3.Best For lowering the sugar in diabetics patient.

4.It can be called oldest Plant on earth

5.Alone aloe vera has world market of more than 13 billion dollars.And Ayurveda has many herbs like this.

Interesting Poll

Interesting Poll

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Forever Living Aloe Vera Gel Side Effects UK

  • Pregnant women should not take as it contracts the uterine.It may lead to abortion
  • It should not be taken in an excess quantity which result in indigestion and diarrhea.
  • Excessive intake may disrupt the function of the kidney.It may result in kidney failure.
  • Over consumption of aloe vera affect the heart adversely.It lowers the heart beat.
  • If aloe vera juice is taken for a long time, it may result in the development of symptoms of cancer.
  • In acid reflux disease, you should not take an overdose of aloe vera juice.One should not continue it for long time.Since you become depend on it for your smooth digestion that hampers natural digestion process of the body.

Aloe vera is the gem in Ayurveda. There are several herbs in Ayurveda like aloe vera which are more powerful than the present-day allopathy medicines. Now the time has come that people should adopt is it and other herbs in Ayurveda.

In all,aloe vera has all properties that you won't see in any alopathy medicine. From above, we can see that it can used in all kinds of disease.

© 2015 rahul


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    • krbalram profile image

      rahul 2 years ago from Bangalore

      thanks for encouraging me Jackie Lynnley.For such nice comment

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 2 years ago from The Beautiful South

      My son used the aloe vera plant for his stomach and cured it he said; though not sure it was acid reflux. I use the Amish Foot and Leg Cramp remedy for that and it really works but I would also try aloe very if I could ever get it to survive! lol

      Very complete article, well done.