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Accessing Alpha Mind Power Through Alpha Meditation

Updated on August 12, 2017

The use of our subconscious mind can be instrumental in the realization of any of our dreams in life. Being in a subconscious state can be powerful allowing you to reprogram your beliefs and thoughts making it possible to manifest whatever you can imagine in life.

Alpha mind is an essential tool for reaching the subconscious state and not only so but could also help you tap into the amazing abilities hidden within you. Alpha mind power is therefore essential and involves reaching the alpha stage of brain action through deep breathing, sleep and careful meditation.

Reaching this stage enables you to do extraordinary things with the brain. During these activities, the brain generates alpha waves which occur between beta and theta waves linking wakefulness and sleeping.

"Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without"

Alpha Brain Waves

As aforementioned, alpha brain waves take place between wakefulness and sleeping at a rate of 7-14 cycles/sec. Once you reach this level, your brain reaches a remarkable status in which both the right and left sides of the brain are availed for innovative and creative thinking.

The fact that all your brain is available means you can achieve much using alpha mind power as you are able to tap into unutilized brain powers. To reach this level, you must embrace the art of alpha mind power meditation which brings you to a place of deep relaxation where you are freed from all your worries and stress.

“Nothing external to you has any power over you.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson
“Nothing external to you has any power over you.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

How to do alpha mind power meditation

This kind of meditation is not easy and requires you to train your mind such that it can let go of those things that you have carried all through your life. This therefore requires regular practicing and tremendous willpower.

It is therefore important to take about 15 minutes every day which should be dedicated towards alpha meditation. During that time, all your energies will be focused towards emptying your mind of thoughts relating to the day which brings you close to achieving alpha consciousness.

During alpha meditation, you should find a quiet place where you will be able to sit comfortably. Close your eyes while seated and spend 15 minutes breathing deeply without interruption. You should breathe through your nose and then exhale using your mouth while maintaining the same rhythm.

It is however important to train yourself on mindful breathing. While breathing this way, you should visualize air entering into your body and leaving through the stomach. As you master this art of breathing, you will be able to relax quickly and with time slip into an alpha conscious state where you attain alpha mind power.

How to utilize alpha mind power to improve your life

The use of alpha meditation to achieve alpha mind power can help transform your life and especially in achieving your dreams and releasing the potential within you. While in this state, your view and interaction with the world around you changes completely thus giving you confidence to approach everything ahead of you.

The fundamental thing is that during meditation, you will be able to take control of your mind and sow seeds of confidence which helps you achieve almost anything you want. Alpha mind power can also help you attain absolute happiness and peace of mind but this does not come automatically. You will need to practice and master the art of developing your alpha mind.


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