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Alternate Healing for You

Updated on March 14, 2013

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You have a Choice

Research and Choose Wisely

As you may notice, I have not written anything. The reason for not writing is my mother had cancer back in 2010. She had surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Then she was told the cancer was gone. About 8 months ago she was told it had returned. Hence another round of Chemotherapy then when it began to spread and was in her back she had another round of radiation to help the pain. Nothing seemed to be able to stop the spread of this wretched disease called cancer. For many months now I have been her care taker while my dad continued to work before his retirement. I watched her suffer right up until the end of her battle on February 12, 2013.

I’m writing this because in those last couple of months I did extensive research on cancer. It however was a little too late for me, so I want to educate as many people on the ravages of cancer and what they should consider if they have been diagnosed with it.

First as I did my research I found out from several doctors that they themselves had cancer and would not so much as let anyone do a biopsy on them, because even a pinpoint can let out cancer cells into the body according to Dr. Lorraine Day an orthopedic surgeon. She along with others had said that a cancer patient can be healed of cancer by other means such as; vegan diet and other alternative substances. Chemotherapy is poison and she would not take it or no radiation. You can look her up on You Tube (Cancer Cure) and also there is a good video from Suzanne Somers (Knock Out) as well. I am marketing a product that has helped many people with many illnesses and folks who have had stage 4 cancer have taken this substance and now have no cancer.

It has been verified that there are many other alternative ways to heal cancer.

Please research alternative cures before taking Chemotherapy and Radiation. The choice is ultimately up to you the patient.

Health Disclaimer: The information provided above is not intended as personal medical advice or instructions.


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