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Breast Cancer - You Can Say No to Chemo and Standard of Care

Updated on January 11, 2016

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Do you feel that a person can heal cancer naturally without chemo, radiation and drugs?

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Diagnosed with Breast Cancer in my Last Trimester of Pregnancy

I found to my horror and disbelief that I had developed breast cancer while I was pregnant with my son three years ago. I had discovered it early. The tumor was so small but quickly spread to my lymph nodes (was it the needle biopsy or the fact my body was filled with estrogen feeding an estrogen cancer?). I had taken care of myself so well for decades - especially during my pregnancy. How did this happen to my body and how was I going to stop it?

What I was about to discover was that battling the disease would much easier than "battling" the system and common beliefs regarding the treatment of cancer. If you are someone like me who doesn't just do what people tell you to do, who question authority, who wants to follow their gut or their own instincts, who believes in a natural approach to medicine - you may find it difficult to find your way once you are diagnosed with cancer. There is little to no support for people who go against the grain, who don't want to join the masses and march with the American Cancer Society, who say no to harmful treatments like radiation and chemotherapy... who don't want to support the development of drugs or big Pharma to find the cure.

I always knew my belief system but until I was faced with this awful disease at the most vulnerable time of my life I would not know how difficult it would be to practice my beliefs. I am writing this in hopes of empowering those that are looking for alternatives. It saddens me that more people do not question the doctors or search for healthier ways to deal with this disease. The harmful effects of chemo and radiation should not be accepted lightly. The doctors present it to you like you don't have a choice. They present their (very dismal) statistics and offer you drugs and more drugs. I knew in my heart that if I followed the advise of my doctor I would never be the healthy me I had come to love. I am a vibrant 44 year old woman who got pregnant naturally at 43 and who respects and takes care of her body. I could NEVER go the route they were suggesting... but I didn't know what to do.


My Testimonial Video from Suzanne Clegg after she saw that the cancer was gone

Miror EPF

My Healing Path

I am going to try to explain what I went through and the route I chose the best I can. I hope it doesn't seem like this was in any way easy for me. I do know that I would not be talking in past tense had I taken the Standard of Care route as I think I would still be battling with the symptoms from all of the drugs, chemo and radiation that they had prescribed.

Once I found my path to healing things happened very quickly. I stepped out of the scared cancer patient mode and into the healthy vibrant 44 year old with a healthy baby boy mode. So my journey was really only a short 5-6 months. Today, 3yrs later, there is no signs of disease in my body and I feel amazing.

There are three things that I consider to have played a crucial part in my healing. I discovered each by accident or happen-stance and NOT by frantically searching for answers. I had to find my place of calm by first overcoming the fear that consumed me. After combating the fear I was able to find my healing path:

  • Suzanne Clegg of - I found Suzanne from an article in Bill Henderson's newsletter. I really wanted to find someone I could go to who could work with cancer in a natural way. I knew i didn't want to to this alone and I really wanted some insight as to why I had breast cancer. I had been working on my emotional, spiritual and physical self for 17 years ever since my sister was diagnosed. I couldn't fathom why I had the disease or what I could do to heal. I did a phone consult with her and felt that she was the right person. She offered a variety of healing methods including Rapid Image Cycling, sound healing, hands on healing as well as teaching me techniques I could use at home to heal and get rid of the emotional haunt of the cancer. She was also able to talk to my body and the cancer. She gave me answers that no doctor could provide - like WHY I had cancer and what it was doing in my body. She helped me to heal emotionally and spiritually. Because of her I am more spiritual and have a new open mind and respect for the healing powers within me.
  • Spectravision - Bodyscan technology as use by Advance Nutrition in Langhorne PA. I found this center from a friend when I was talking to her about my recent blood analysis (by a blood chemist) which determined that my body was in disrepair and that I was toxic from something. She mentioned Patricia at Advance Nutrition and how she could tell you what you why you are toxic. With her bodyscan equipment and ability to read and interpret the results she was able to help identify what was going on in my body. I had a trauma situation - high inflammation, low immunity, fungus, parasites, pesticides, mal-absorption of food, a number of food allergies (particularly gluten), mal-nutrition and a hormone imbalance. By first correcting my diet and eliminating the allergens as well as treating the fungus and taking enzymes I was able to come back to life. I was really feeling awful. I did feel like I was starving. We kept chipping away at the issues until about 3 months later I was coming up with only minor issues. My body was still in chaos as I was cleansing through my skin and had to eliminate gluten from my diet in order to stay well. I continue to see her and monitor my body to make sure it remains healthy. I have learned so much and found it amazing how all of my healing methods complimented each other.
  • Mike Carey - He has the gift of reading cellular memory. I heard about him 2 years after my diagnosis through a friend I made on the cancercured yahoo message boards. When I called him I felt fine, was on a gluten free diet and had just done an internal black salve cleanse. I felt intuitively that I had more to learn so I was eager to call him to get a 3rd opinion. He read my body and told me that I was NOT allergic or sensitive to gluten or dairy but rather my ICV (Ileocecal Valve) was stuck open causing undigested food to enter which led to my allergic reactions. He told me a simple method to close it (bentonite liquid, psyllium husk and apple juice). I did it twice and immediately noticed a change in my digestion. I was healed of my allergies! I have been eating gluten ever since with no problems (as confirmed at my nutrition appointments). The other thing he identified was a pesticide poisoning. At that time I was able to detox with high doses of vitamin C but later discovered a new product called Miror EPF which can detox more quickly and easily.
  • Miror EPF - (Miror meaning "wonder" and not Mirror EPF) this product has helped me stay healthy. It is what i consider a miracle product that is a simple way to detox almost anything from your body including heavy metals, pesticides, mercury and pathogens like fungus, parasites, viruses and bacteria. You can learn more about how it detoxes and heals the body on my blog.

These were the main healing methods that helped me. I did other things as well like acupuncture, infra-red sauna, bouncing for my lymph nodes, sweating in a regular sauna, exercise, various supplements as recommended and tested by Patricia at Advance Nutrition, various Angel readings for more insight, Crystal Bed Healing, Donna Eden's, energy medicine, juicing, session with healer - Krystyna Jaworowska, Pau d' Arco tea, black salve (internally) and meditation CDs.


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    • talkabout profile image

      Dolores Ninerell 2 years ago from Mount Laurel, NJ

      Sorry to hear that Melodie! I have had an entirely different experience. I have referred many to him and he has helped provide insight where regular practitioners were not able to and there were those who were looking for a specific result and didn't receive it. I like him because he can tell you overall what is going on in your body -I would not use him to heal.

      He was able to tell that my ICV valve was stuck open where no one else could, although it kept coming up weak. He knew how I could close it with some simple things I purchased on Amazon. I was no longer allergic to foods after that.

      The EPF product is amazing. Not sure what you were looking for it to do. Every product and every person isn't for everyone. Mike's services are very inexpensive so worth the "risk" as far as I am concerned. I have tried a lot of other services and paid a lot more with no result. I didn't feel scammed or ripped off, just knew I had to keep looking.

      Hope you find something that works for you.

    • profile image

      melodie 2 years ago

      My friend and I contacted Mike Carey last year around June, we used Mirror EPF along with whatever protocol he put us on... It did not work.

    • profile image

      Hollie 3 years ago

      Life is short, and this article saved vallubae time on this Earth.

    • profile image

      Cady 3 years ago

      That's a smart answer to a tricky queoitsn