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Alternative Comfort for Hot Flashes

Updated on October 15, 2012
menopause symptoms can be alleviated
menopause symptoms can be alleviated

For as long as a woman has had to go through menopause, they have been on the hunt for fast and natural cures for their hot flashes. It's not really something that can be understood by someone that has never had them. As a child, my mother used to try to tell me how hot the room was, when to the rest of us it was perfectly fine. As I got older, I realized this just wasn't an isolated problem. So I looked into alternative cures for hot flashes that work fast and easy.

3 Ways to Change

The best three cures for your hot spells are very affordable and simple to apply. The most important is diet. If you can pay attention to your diet and take real control of your food intake, by working out and exercise, you can help to regulate your flashes. Another key thing is to expect a hot flash, so your clothing selection can be vital.

  • Diet

You may ask, 'How does diet effect hot flashes?'. There have been several scientific studies that have proven that a proper diet decreases the number of hot flashes experienced. This can be a problem for women that love spicy Italian or Latin foods. They can be the triggers to a hot flash. The foods most linked to triggering a hot flash include caffeine, cayenne, any different types of salsa due to the intense peppers used in the making.

Knowing which foods to avoid can be nice if you want to spend a fun night out, instead of you being covered in sweat and needing to catch your breathe every five steps. It is also nice to know which foods you can eat without worrying about getting a hot flash. Some of these safe foods are broccoli, spinach, olives, avocados, and delicious papayas. You can find many other types of foods, including full menus, that can help you to regulate your diet and to lower the number of hot flashes that you have.

  • Exercise

Not only improving your diet, but exercising regularly, about 30 minutes a day, can really cut back on your body's ability to have hot flashes. It can be walking, running, sports, and any exercise you can think of for a minimum of thirty minutes a day.

It is important to know that if you intend to do a night run, make sure it IS NOT within a few hours of bed time, because it may cause nights sweats. This help regulate blood flow and not get the body over excited and then do nothing but sleep. If night runs are your thing, make sure you stay up later on those nights to compensate.

  • Clothes

The final tool you can take advantage of being dressing correctly. Over dressing for the weather can very easily lead you into a hot flash. It's best to dress lighter and bring a jacket, that way if you get cold you can use that to warm and still avoid a hot flash.

Other than that, wear clothes that will allow your skin to breathe to reduce some discomfort. If your skin can't breathe, it may over heat and possibly send you into a hot flash.

By using these three methods combined, you will be able to drastically cut back on the number of hot flashes you experience.


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    • RNMSN profile image

      Barbara Bethard 

      6 years ago from Tucson, Az

      very informative! thank you!


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