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Alternative Medicine - Natural Healing

Updated on July 18, 2011

It was reported April this year in the Science Daily Magazine that 1 out of 3 patients suffering from chronic pain use natural or alternative therapies and medicines to help with their pain and ailments.. There are so many alternative medicines and therapies that I could not possibly name them all in this article alone but some of the most common ones are based on homeopathy, holistic, dietary remedies as well as the physical such as acupuncture, massage, water therapy and meditation.

There are many types of plants and foods that contain parts and ingredients that are used for modern day medicines as well as holistic or alternative medicines. The basis of alternative medicine is to effect an ailment or the immune system of the human body by giving the body what it needs naturally to work against an illness ailment or pain.

An example of modern day science combined with alternative therapy that has been a scientific discover of the decade, is based on vitamin D. Not to be too morbid but recent government studies have revealed that many individuals that suffer from depression and individuals who have committed or attempted suicide lack in vitamin D. Vitamin D is a necessary brain food and has a very important role when it comes down to positive and negative emotions and thoughts. Vitamin D is only produced in the body when the body comes into direct contact with sunlight, over a period of time. If an individual does not get too much time out in the sun and does not supplement their vitamin D, they re very likely to be lacking in vitamin D.

A modern day physical therapy that is used as an alternative remedy is massage. Whilst during th eighties massage was widely seen as pre-sexual foreplay or something that rich housewives or football players indulged in, it is now commonly become realised that there is something more to massage. The human body contains lymph nodes and muscles that create waste and just as a sink drain can become blocked, making a sink useless until it is fixed... parts of the human body can have the same effect when lymph nodes become blocked and muscles tightened, dis-allowing a natural flow of fluids around the body. Muscles that become tight have a vicious circle effect. What I mean by this is that tension causes tightened muscles and tightened muscles cause tension. Work and play can both become a drag when our bodies are in negative mode.

Just as modern day medicine does save lifes and has allowed many to live years longer, there are also known side effects to certain basic medications that can be avoided with medical advise and an agreement of course. Some medicines can effect a single state of mind and if taken long term can cause sickness, depression, headaches and other discomforts and that is when alternative medicine steps in.

If someone suffers regularly from migraines a great alternative treatment is acupuncture. Acupuncture is basically painless, as the needless are so thin that they bend with the lightest touch. An experienced acupuncturist can rid an individual of migraines for up to a year with only a couple of sessions and no drugs are involved.

Oils are an A-Z of cures as there are hundreds of different types of alternative therapy oils and each one aids more than one common ailment. Alternative therapy oils react with the body through sense of smell and automatic response as well as ingredient mixed with physical reaction. What I mean by this is sometimes the human body has automatic responses to particular smells, just as the body reacts to plants and foods that are consumed, the alternative therapy oils contain parts of herbs and plants are are either inhaled or soaked into the body. Therefore the body receives the necessary ingredient for a positive reaction. Most commonly, lavender is used for relaxation and sleep deprivation.

A great way to heal the human body is to support and encourage its own immune system, through healthy dieting, relaxation and positive thinking and actions. Stress causes over 80% of all illnesses and by reducing stress, the chance of a definite future ilnesses becomes a slight one, if non at all.


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    • BkCreative profile image

      BkCreative 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      Yes, yes, yes. We have to remember that the American medical system is based on profit not healing. All that you mentioned works and most have worked for thousands of years - what more proof do we need. Finally, as we become more global, conventional medicine is forced to admit to its failings.

      I write a lot of hubs about healthy therapies. I appreciate you writing about something that must become a way of life for us - we need to take control of our health.

      Thanks so much!