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Alternative Is Medicine VS Western Treatments | Finding Balance

Updated on December 11, 2014

Call in the Tanks

What method of warfare should we use toward reaching wellness? Call in the brigade or peace, tolerance, love and acceptance?
What method of warfare should we use toward reaching wellness? Call in the brigade or peace, tolerance, love and acceptance?

Listen to Black Eyed Peas - Where is the Love?

Wikipedia Has Been Hijacked

Dana Ullman explains what has happened to the website "There are obvious and significant problems when there is a participatory body of information on certain controversial subjects. Such is the problem with Wikipedia's listing on homeopathic medicine.

It is time for someone to report on the fact that the quackbusters and anti-homeopathic fundamentalists have hijacked the information on homeopathy on Wikipedia."

What this means for anyone surfing for information about homeopathy? Be careful even when visiting websites that you normally trust for providing authentic information. Go to the National Center for Homeopathy or other international organizations composed of homeopathic physicians like LIGA.

Ten Swine Flu Lies Told by the Mainstream Media by Mike Adams the Health Ranger

Natural News Reports | There are ten key lies that continue to be told by the mainstream media (MSM) about swine flu and swine flu vaccines.

Listen to "Where is the Love" by Black Eyed Peas While Reading this Hub

Alternative Medicine versus Western Medicine

There is a battle going on in medicine. It's getting fierce. That's why some people are defending their territory and others are on the offense attacking. Here is a recent article by Dana Ullman pointing out the way he sees it happening 'on the ground.'

"Our medical thinking has become totally militaristic. It is not just happenstance that doctors proudly assert that they seek to attack illness, combat disease, kill infective agents, and create a war on cancer or on any disease. Physicians seem so entrenched in militaristic thinking that it is not surprising that they have a long history of attacking other viable strategies that seem to be less medical or less militaristic.

Dana Ullman has written a piece in the Huffington Post that makes a metaphor of the western medical model. He nicely illustrates how Western Medicine is based upon a military mindset. Our actions are strategically planned against invaders. Our drugs are created to KILL haphazardly without regard for the totality because like the vaccination programs, we hope to protect the majority, even if that means a minority will respond to jabs with negative effects."

Read The SideBar --> Dana Ullman has been a crusader and leader in the world of homeopathy for decades and has written a book about the Revolution of Homeopathy. In a linked article he explains that Wikipedia has biased authors who shut out the voice of authentic and knowledgeable homeopathic physicians. Thus, what you read there is one-sided with a slant that Homeopathy is Placebo, Unfounded and Cannot possibly work. That is absolutely not true for those who practice and all the generations of people who use homeopathy for healing both acute and chronic disease. 

When Militarism 'Invades' Medicine...Doctatorship Happens

The problem with this model is also that there is no choice in healthcare. One type of care is propagandized in the media as the ‘only’ scientifically sound and safe method of medicine.

The media, supported by the government programs, try to brainwash the population into thinking that there is an easy fix by popping pills or making newer vaccines that will take care of life’s little ills.

I commented to Dana’s piece with these remarks:

Nicely written metaphorical piece about Western Medicine's "anti" attack approach to disease versus the "pro' Alternative Medical approach that works 'with' the body's system. We are presently living in a time of fighting 'against' invaders, aliens, bacteria, germs, viruses and the like. Can we win a war against something that constantly mutates and strengthens at a faster rate than our anti-depressants, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, anti-emetic, anti-reflux, anti-nausea and so on drugs can handle?

I believe that 'making peace' with those living in our midst and enabling everyone to live in harmony side-by-side will change not only our world view, but our families, relationships, communities, countries and our health. 

Let's live a less stressful life and get on with doing good in the world. Let us all become more tolerant individuals so that each form of medicine can be used appropriately when needed. 

Thank you Dana for your perspective.

Power of the Mind Can Heal

Can We Use The Power of Our Minds To Heal?

Healing Your Body With Your Mind

Is There Ground for A Peaceful Settlement?

My view is that it takes effort and work to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit.

I'm also coming to the conclusion that the power of the mind to assist the body is a very important component to wellness. It takes lots and lots of hard work, listening skills, quiet time, rest, nutrition to create a safe and sound home, family and community.

I’m not sure we have learned just how to do this. I’m not sure we have the answers to wellness, because so much disease is caused by emotional imbalance and unmet needs.

The only thing I can say is that there must be a better way than always fighting AGAINST the body’s natural system.

I think we are learning little by little how to implement essential alternative healing skills into getting and staying healthy as a daily ritual. That may include a long list of comforting modalities such as reiki, hands-on-therapies, massage, aroma therapy, light therapy, dance, art-therapy, movement, etc.

I have recently come to an inner wisdom that everything is always there surrounding us in our environment. The germs, bacteria, virus, bugs multiplying and living in our water, earth and air. It is only when an imbalance occurs that these begin to grow and cause illness in humanity.

All the What-Ifs

What if there was harmony and peace in our minds and hearts? What if family rifts were healed? What if everyone could live quietly on their soil doing their best work at sharing and serving others? Would illness disappear? I can only wonder.

Sending love and light to all

The War on Disease

When Militarism 'Invades' Medicine...Doctatorship Happens

Kaviraj has written an article on Homeopathy World Community entitled "The War on Disease"

Here is short excerpt, "Doctors usually choose to “shock and awe” the body. An elaborate attack ensues utilizing sophisticated technological armamentarium, including the newest painkilling drugs, antibiotics, and chemotherapeutic agents. This militaristic medical solution takes precedence over other strategies that strive to re-establish health through a coalition of forces in order to augment the body’s own defenses. Although a minority of doctors voice dissident opinions and propose less invasive treatment strategies, these voices are muted by the powerful medical industrial complex."

Feel No Pain, Leave No Marks Using the Mind

Method of Choice

What is your preferred method of treatment?

See results

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    • Debby Bruck profile image

      Debby Bruck 6 years ago

      Hello Dear Mary ~ It's so nice to hear from you on Hubpages. Wasn't it great to listen to them as background music as you read through the article? I'm not exactly sure what you mean about going to war without symptoms? Wouldn't we naturally have to attack symptoms, that is the battle and the war? Thus, the allopaths recognize the symptoms of a disease and give a drug to suppress those symptoms.

      Perhaps you mean to be giving a vaccination as a 'preventative' before any disease symptoms can be addressed? In that case, truly, we are fighting a war in the body before one has begun, and we will experience damage from an onslaught against the drugs themselves and their side effects.

      That interesting question about complementary medicine must be addressed. Does complementary medicine complement the body's own healing action, or remove side-effects as a result of medications, or do they complement the action of each other, such as massage, reiki, osteopathic and chiropractic adjustments to the body's energy fields?

      Again, I agree that western medicine must be delivered in case of trauma to the physical body when surgery will repair the damage or in an inherent mechanical defect such as a closed sphincter muscle, cleft palate, etc.

      The beauty of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and clean environment, plus homeopathy for the propensity towards disease based upon heredity and observational information, such as dreams, fears, delusions and habits can be a complete preventative system of medicine.

      Blessings, Debby

    • Mary Aspinwall profile image

      Mary Aspinwall 6 years ago

      I red heart the Black Eyed Peas! Great article Debby. I guess it's important to remember if we go to war with out symptoms then our bodies will experience collateral damage.

      The question in complementary medicine is who complements whom. Our main focus has to be pure water, unadulterated food, clean air. Next a "use it or lose it" attitude to our bodies - keep things moving. If someone is damaged in an accident or someone is born with a mechanical defect, especially in life threatening situations, then the conventional medical system is superb. Pharma is a bust. It suppresses the true state of being and has horrible side effects. Holistic medicine has to come to the fore for everything else.

    • Debby Bruck profile image

      Debby Bruck 6 years ago

      I just noticed that 97 people have voted on the poll asking which method of healing you prefer: alternative or western? Would like to receive more comments since the time this blog was originally posted two years ago. Wondering if people have changed their minds or stayed in the same camp after reading health news and current events?

    • profile image

      sean 7 years ago

      Clearing the body of disharmony, or balancing the body and mind may sound magical. However using western methods and different wording the same conclusions can be achieved. Western techniques just may sound disconnected. Disharmony would be something like a reduction of dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine due to external conflicts. In turn resulting in disproportionate ATP production, unbalanced glucose levels, and possibly shortening telomeres (aging). Disharmony is a very general word but generalities are necessary due to the variation in our genetic code. No person is the same and will not react to medications the same way. The only way western society thinks anything can be achieved is through cultures in a petri dish and injecting rats which later leads to human sample trials that often give misleading information. Microscopic observations and chemical analysis are the only trusted method by western society while overall observations are trusted by eastern methods. A culmination of both is necessary. Herbal remedies are neglected way too much. A in depth explanation is necessary as well.

    • Debby Bruck profile image

      Debby Bruck 8 years ago

      Dear True Cures ~ This was a very thoughtful well-written comment. I know you have been concerned about the true meaning of health and healing. Teaching people about the natural laws of the body's own immune system and our relationship to the world.

      People will eventually learn that we are the soil and it is up to us to take care of it in a way that does not over-fertilize with synthetics, drugs, fake-foods and environmental toxins. Rather, we must provide pure living foods, less stressful relationships, more contemplative time, sunshine and fresh water for us to grown properly on this earth.

      HUGS, Debby

    • True Cures profile image

      True Cures 8 years ago from Payette Idaho

      Debby are you noticing that alternative and western medicine are starting to merge?

      It is my opinion that both are now focusing on treatment and longer concerned with cures. In oregon an alternative doctor can take blood for lab work and then prescribe medicines like valtrex. I understand that other states allow the same practice and there are more and more western doctors starting with "natural" or "alternative" medicine before prescribing drugs.

      It is my opinion that all that was good in alternative medicine is now lost. Now that the same people who are in charge of western medicine are in charge of alternative medicine I feel that cures do not stand a chance.

      I believe the day of healing through alternative and natural means is over. I believe the art of healing is loosing to the business of alternative and western medicine.

      The world was duped into thinking antiperspirants were harmful because of the aluminum. Alternative Medicine pushed and pushed to prove the aluminum was killing people and the FDA had a logical dispute. Had Alternative Medicine focused on the fact that it is not the aluminum but he act of anti perspiring that is deadly a change would have taken place. Instead, Americans are oblivious to their own lymphatic system and its functions. They are completely unaware that the pits are a waste removal and the waste that is evacuated through the pits is 100 times more concentrated than the waste passed through urine and the bowels.

      It's time people start questioning medicine in general and start thinking of their own immune response. There is nothing complicated at all about disease and illnesses. The body does not attack itself nor does it create harmful cells. That leaves pathogens to blame and there is not one single pathogen superior to the human immune response.

      Nice hub.

    • Debby Bruck profile image

      Debby Bruck 8 years ago

      Dear Tyler ~ Good links. I hope you can understand from this Hub, I favor Alternative Modes of Healing. Allopathy is quite suspect in a majority of cases. However, we must realize in certain cases it can be life-saving. I would definitely want a surgeon to repair a limb, put in a tooth, take care of any emergency where immediate action is needed when homeopathy is not available.

    • profile image

      Tyler 8 years ago

      [western-Allopathic medicine is the leading cause of death, 783,936 every year in the USA

      Allopathic induced death & disease

      everyone do a good google search on these subjects;

      Death by Medicine


      Linked to drugs

      Drug deaths

      Vaccine disease

      Vaccine deaths


      Pharmaceutical AIDS


      and see what comes up.

      I have hundreds more

      let me know if you are still convinced modern western-Allopathic medicine has its bennefits

    • profile image

      Tyler 8 years ago

      more on what's wrong with western medicine,decide for yourself after reading this link

    • Debby Bruck profile image

      Debby Bruck 8 years ago

      Dear Melissa ~ You have gladdened my heart by visiting Hubpages and posting this generous comment. I hope everyone puts these possibilities into their intentions and positive healthy choices into their daily lives.

      Love, Debby

    • profile image

      Melissa Burch, CCH, RsHom(NA) 8 years ago

      I really love your article. It is a big wake up call to everyone. We need choice and that comes from education about what is health, disease and how do we make choices from an integrative and holistic approach rather than a Neutonian model that does not always work.

    • Debby Bruck profile image

      Debby Bruck 8 years ago

      Dear Vrajavala ~ Thank you for your comments and support. We must envision a better world. There are many ways and many paths to reach our goal.

    • vrajavala profile image

      vrajavala 8 years ago from Port St. Lucie

      Huffington Post is such a drag. I mean, I have a doctorate in a health related field (1979 BU) and I woke up to alternative medicine way back in the 80's with Deepak Chopra. Of course, now his "god complex" has driven him over the edge, but what I believe, is what Hippocrates said "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food." Ayurvedic medicine has been around a long time, and we could all learn something from those practitioners. good article, Debby