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Alternative Health for Incurable Cancer...The Gerson Therapy and My Year Challenge!

Updated on November 16, 2014

So Now, What Do I? You have options.

When you hear the words, "There is only a few months to live..." You are then given three options normally: Chemo, Surgery, or Radiation. But what if you choose, like my Dad, to ignore all three. It is your body.

I had a friend, diagnosed with lung cancer. She was only in he rmiddle thirties. She opted for chemo. Yet her diagnosis was only a couple of months. She suffered through the chemo, only to lose her mind, and die as predicted within a couple of months. Since that horrible incidence, I have thought a lot about my sweet friend, and how her life would have ended if she had had said, "No."

Both Dads Died from Cancer and What I Learned

My step-father who was the best Dad in the world was told he had lung cancer. He was told that he only had a few months. He discussed the prognosis with my Mom, who had the training of a nurse, recommended no treatment. At the time, I remembered my sweet friend. Why would I want my Dad to die from chemotherapy when he could die naturally just from cancer. I agreed with my Mom. No, treatment was my vote. Daddy made up his mind rather quickly. He stated he would just live his life without treatment. So the doctors agreed, and Daddy lived happily for a longer period of time. His last couple of months were terrible. Cancer is a horrible disease. They made him as comfortable as possible. Yet he did suffer. At least the fact he chose his path, made him feel as he was the master over his body, not someone else.

My other natural Father died within two weeks of being diagnosed. He took a very small dose of a narcotic every six hours. He died very quickly. The cancer scan showed he had it throughout his body. I don't know how he lived the months he did undiagnosed. Yet the simple, fast death of my natural Father was a relief compared to thinking of him suffering.

Food Can Be Medication!

Dr. Max Gerson's Miracle Cure for Cancer

There are a doctor who proved cancer could be treated with a good, healthy plant based nutrition! He was a Jew. He was studying migraines first, his own. He cured himself through diet. Then he studied tuberculosis, the skin kind. He cured all 497 patients, with diet. Then the Nazi forced him to leave with his family. When he arrived here in the United States, he studied the worst cases of 50 cancer patients, and he cured all 50 with yes, diet. He has a book that was published. His daughter Charlotte continues to use his work to help others because Dr. Gerson was killed by someone poisoned with arsenic. She and her children and many hundreds of people are cured by his work. I am not saying you should throw your medical doctor away, but I am saying that you could choose his therapy wihich is diet, organic coffee enemas, and juicing organic vegetables.

"The Beautiful Truth" Full Movie

Why Doesn't Everyone Do This Therapy?

This diet is hard. The enemas are a lot to handle. You really would benefit by going to the Mexico clinic. But I wanted to increase awareness of the therapy, not send patients there. If you get the book, you can do the therapy with a loved one. However, if you are alone, going to Mexico would help you. You can follow the link to the Mexico clinic. I want you to read, look at both movies on the blog here. You need to make up your own mind what to do about your diagnosis.

You can go the traditional route, or you can choose to the alternative one. The issue is that YOU are the one that should choose if a doctor has said those words to you. If you only have a few months, why would you want surgery, radiation or chemotherapy. I would ask your doctors hard questions like: "What are the chances of success?"

Because all three methods end up killing those who are already told they are going to die. You can always choose to do the Gerson Therapy as it is stated in the book, religiously, or then go with traditional treatment. The diet is only going to make you stronger as it is full of good nutrious, adivce. The coffee enemas are known to clear up the liver. You can choose to work hard on saving your life, or give up and go the traditional way. But all three forms of treatment are painful, and if they don't work, you cannot use the Gerson therapy with radiation damage or chemotherapy damage. So my advice is to try the Gerson therapy first. Then you can try the traditional. The Gerson therapy is meant to make anyone at the peak of health. Don't mix therapies, however, if you want to do massive doses of vitamin C, do that. IF you want to try the Native American treatment, try that. My advice is to try the Gerson by itself, in the way the book dictates before you do anything else that may ruin your chances of survival.

Hippocrates said, "Let medicine be your food, and food be your medicine." I can tell you that adopting the therapy in some small way in your life will make you healthier, not sicker. You don't have a lot to lose with a diagnosis of terminal cancer. You could live another 35 years. You decide. If I had known about the therapy before my husband got leukemia, I would have tried it. Now after sirgery and radioactive iodine, I still have thyroid cancer. So believe me, I need to follow the diet to get rid of the cancer because surgery and radiation did not work. My blood work stills shows that I have thyroid cancer. My cancer was "the best kind to have." But I am not cured. I no longer have my thyroid, will be on synthetic hormonal therapy for life, have a unreparied nerve severed, and my doctors are waiting to see where the cancer will show up next. I am writing this blog before doing the therapy all the way. In a year, I will revisit this blog and update you on my thyroid cancer. I can say one thing. I would rather be healthy and work at it than be dead.

Summary Thoughts On Gerson Therapy

First, I believe every individual knows their bodies more than anyone. You know what feels good and what feels bad. A diet rich in organic (planted in soil with 54 natural chemical agents) is not going to hurt you. If you feel that you want to choose chemotherapy, radiation, or surgery, and also use the Gerson's diet, it is your body. Do what you feel will save your life. But my experience eating nutritional food in the hospital was laughable. I am not saying that medical doctors want you to die, but if you are told that, why not use your last months eating and trying to detoxify your body? What will it hurt? And maybe, like many people who have been told, go home to die, live after following this diet!

Vegan Healthy Living by Fireman!

Quote from Expert

"It’s time to plant the seeds of a spectacular, long-lasting healthy makeover – welcome to Engine 2! In a nutshell, Engine 2 Diet is about ridding your diet of the junk (meat, dairy, refined and processed foods) and fully embracing tasty, nutritious, whole plant-based foods. It’s about learning how to cook, eat and live in a way that’s truly healthy and will allow you to be your best you! It’s about getting fit, getting inspired and getting fired up! Join us, take the challenge, and we promise you’ll never look back."

Go Plant-Strong

Rip Esselstyn

Cancer In My Husband and Myself

Update as of now, I know I still have thyroid cancer. I believe it is the remains from my second surgery. My husband has cancer, CLL, a form of leukemia that is slow growing. We went on the Gerson diet for one month, without using it completely, and my husband's cancer went down 20%! I kow if I eat meat, sugar, pastries, bread, and lots of it, I will feel worst, my lymph nodes with swell, and I have to go to the hospital to get a few shots, mainly a steriod. I have learned that this diet, when I adhere to it, is certainly helping me. I encourage all to get the book, read it, watch the videos on this post, and make the changes if you have serious diseases, not just cancer. This organic natural vegetables will make you better, not worst!

Natural Healthy Clean Eating, Veggies and Fruits


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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 

      4 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Living through cancer is difficult not just for the patient but for the whole family. There have been several deaths in the family due to cancer - and it has never been easy. If there is a chance that this one works then my friend, I support you. Good luck in this endeavor and do keep us updated.


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