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Alternative Wart Removal Home Remedies

Updated on February 17, 2011

Warts are common viral infection that can infect humans. Warts caused by human papilloma virus. Human papilloma virus causes growth of skin cells (squamous cells) faster than normal. Warts can occur at any age, but occur more frequently at the ages of 12 to 16 years. Most type of warts are easily recognized is the common type of warts that grows as a lump on the skin with rough surface.  Usually found on the hands and feet, consists of one wart or many surrounded. Other type such as plantar warts (fish eye), was found on the soles of the feet, usually not visible on the surface but cause pain which is very disturbing. Many people can go to dermatologist to perform minor surgery to remove warts, but this way is very expensive. Wart removal home remedies are another option to remove warts which is very simple and effective in addition we also do not need to pay an expensive minor surgery to remove warts.

We can use some methods home remedy for warts removal

  1. Vinegar or Acetic Acid (CH3COOH) is weak acid, not only use as food flavoring, vinegars can also be used to remove warts. The way is to dip cotton into the vinegar, then rub on the warts area, repeat it everyday. Within three weeks the warts usually are removed until it roots
  2. Base (OH-) can also be used to treat warts. Bases that easily found are detergent. The way is to soak warts with warm water (remember warm water not hot / boiling water) is mix with little salt. After about 20 minutes, the warts will appear white. Then rub with a rough towel or cloth until you see the inside of the warts then apply the detergent. Repeat every day until one week. Usually warts are removed.
  3. Lime paste mix with cream soap / washing dishes soap can also be used to remove warts with ratio of 1:1 in accordance with needs. Then the mixture applied to the warts using a cotton bud (do not directly use your fingers as mixture of lime paste and soap can make your fingers skin peeling). Wait about 5 to 10 minutes until dry. If the wart has not shrunk repeat again several times at the same time. Usually maximum is not more than 3 times is enough.  Direct wart dried up or sometimes red swollen especially at the edges of warts do not worry it is normal. If it changes color like a burn, stop the application of. Wait process in a few days, warts will dry and fall until roots. Sometimes the warts off will cause holes, do not panic and treat with iodine or antiseptic until smooth again and then given a skin growth stimulants.
  4. Banana peel can be used to treat warts. The way is by putting the inside of a banana peel on the wart, and plaster on the affected part of warts. Do it regularly until the warts disappear from the affected skin. 

This home remedy for warts removal is quite effective if you follow all the instruction step by step.

      The above methods are very easy to apply. Materials uses are not difficult to find. Wart removal home remedies can be one alternative solution to solve problem with warts.

If these home remedies don’t work you will have seek for professional help.


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    • profile image

      K. Manoj 

      5 years ago

      I had used Lime paste mix with detergent to remove warts. Wart was gone but white/reddish spot appear on that place. what to do now, it does not look good. please suggest remedy. thanks

    • profile image

      K. Manoj 

      5 years ago

      I had used Lime paste mix with detergent to remove warts. Wart was gone but white spot appear on that place. what to do now, it does not look good. please suggest remedy. thanks

      k. manoj

    • profile image

      George Browne 

      5 years ago

      I am thankful I've found your information. I am going to try the vinegar for my warts, first time I've heard of that method anticipating results.


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