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Alternative to Marpac DOHM-DS White Noise Machine

Updated on September 3, 2015
Sleep Easy White Noise Machine
Sleep Easy White Noise Machine | Source

Alternative to Marpac DOHM-DS White Noise Machine

Sleep deprivation is becoming a very common problem today: Most people still don't understand that sleep is as essential for human's well-being as food and water, and without a enough night sleep we cannot wake-up the following morning feeling refreshed to perform our daily duties.

Most people would think that they have the dreaded insomnia when they can't sleep at night: However, sleeplessness caused by environmental factors such as a noisy neighborhood are not classified as chronic insomnia and can be addressed successfully through sound therapy, which works by creating a soothing natural white sound that blocks disturbing background noise that causes difficulty falling asleep or waking-up very frequently at night.

Now, here comes my story: I have been a big fan and still a great fan of Marpac white noise machine. Not because I am a light sleeper or something. I use it in a special room where I take-care of my patients.

Today, I use original Marpac DOHM Dual Speed white noise machine that I bought 2 years ago. Simply, I love the quality that I get in my Marpac sound conditioner. Marpac company has been a round for five decades and the quality of their products is not questionable, and no company has ever been up to the competition.

However, Marpac products are relatively expensive and someone on a tight budget would be a little skeptical to purchase it.

Over a month ago, a customer visited me with sleep issues: Her baby who was then nine months old kept waking-up at night due to the noise that comes from a nearby subway: Her husband is also a light sleeper who wakes up frequently at night due to the noisy neighborhood.

Of course, they needed no medication as the cause if sleeplessness is the noise in their neighborhood. Like you would expect, I recommended Marpac DOHM dual speed for my clients since I have been using it for quite a long time I knew more about it. I showed them how it works and they liked the idea of white noise sound therapy.

However, the price of Marpac DOHM white noise machine put them off, and I had to do research to get them the best alternative that is cost-effective.

My immediate market place is Using filters, I came across Sleep Easy sound conditioner by Sleep Easy company, which its price is roughly half the price of Marpac DOHM Dual Sound white noise machine. This product was, and is still among the Amazon's Best Sellers in the sub-category of Health and personal care products: Since no fake product would be best selling in Amazon, I took a chance and ordered one for my clients.

As am writing this article, it is over a month since they started using Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner. The feedback is overwhelmingly impressive: Their child who hardly slept for 4 hours is now sleeping for more than 8 hours every night. The husband who is a light sleeper now sleeps through the night without waking-up due to the background noise in their neighborhood.

More About Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner

Definitely, Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner cannot compare to Marpac DOHM-DS white noise machine. However, if you are on tight budget and you need the best alternative to Marpac DOHM dual sound that is affordable and effective, Sleep Easy Sound Conditioners is the best option.

This white noise machine is simple and effective as it does its job perfectly well, at a relatively lower price as compared to the counterpart Marpac White noise machine.

Sleep Easy White Noise machine has an adjusting knob that makes it easy to adjust the tone and volume to create a soothing natural white sound with a gentle moving air, which blocks background noise creating ideal environment for a restful sleep through the night.

According to me and the experience that I have had with white noise machines, Marpac DOHM dual speed is a better option by just a small margin considering that Sleep Easy Sound Conditioners does the same job cost-effectively.

On the other hand, Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner is a bit lighter in weight, which makes it portable on a vacation or when traveling to create the same sleeping environment away from home.

Also, since it produces a continuous motion of air, this white noise machine is suitable to use in other places such as office environment as fun to create conversational environment and as an air conditioner.

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Difference Between Marpac DOHN-DS and Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner

  • Due to larger physical size, Marpac DOHM needs a little larger space than Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner
  • Due to the heavy and quality material at the base, Marpac DOHM dual sound is a bit heavier than Sleep Easy white noise machine
  • Marpac DOHM-DS is shorter in height but wider, while Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner is a little thin and taller
  • Marpac DOHM-DS is louder at maximum volume compared to Sleep Easy which has lower maximum volume
  • Marpac DOHM-DS has a flat top while Sleep Easy is dome-shaped at the top
  • The holes on the sides of Marpac are slotted while the holes in Sleep Easy are rounded.
  • Marpac DOHM-DS is expensive while the counterpart Sleep Easy is relatively affordable

Disadvantages of Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner

  • The maximum volume of Sleep Easy is relatively lower compared to Marpac DOHM-DS. However, it is difficult to sleep when these machines are at full volume as it would be too noisy in both options.
  • When using it for the very first time, Sleep Easy produces a plastic smell. However, this smell fades away after few days of use, about a week and it all clears.


If you are on a budget and you need affordable option that does a good job just like Marpac DOHM dual speed, Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner is the one. However, Marpac DOHM-DS is still the better option by a small margin. We cannot however compare these two products on the basis of price as Sleep Easy Sound Conditioner is a new product and to compete with well established Marpac's products, their prices must be on the lowest side.


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