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Alternative forms of energy

Updated on April 19, 2015

The only trouble with using solar energy is that not every part of the world is suitable for tapping this alternative form of energy, especially not in places that are located at high latitudes where the amount of sunlight is simply not enough to be of any help as far as an alternative form of energy is concerned.

Wind energy is another alternative form of energy that enjoys the advantage of being very efficient in generating electricity. In high altitude places as well as along coast lines this alternative forms of energy can prove to be very effective and it can even provide electricity to meet about twenty percent of all our electricity requirements. This is a clean source of energy and it is also not dangerous for the flora and fauna and it is also renewable.

Hydroelectricity is another one of the better alternative forms of energy and it can be sourced from a dam, though constructing dams is a problem because it is necessary to build them only where large amounts of water can be stored easily.

Tidal energy is yet another alternative form of energy and this form of energy works very similarly to hydroelectric energy though the scale on which it works is considerably smaller. Yet another one of the available alternative forms of energy is biomass that can be used in the production of alcohol which can prove to be an alternate source to power up automobiles.

Fusion, nuclear as well as geothermal power is other examples of alternative forms of energy though these alternatives suffer from a major drawback which is that they can endanger the environment.

The current energy crisis is causing a lot of worry for everyone – is it scientists or everyday people. It is therefore about time that we started to develop means with which to fully utilize alternative energy resources such as water and wind as well as water. Though alternative forms of energy do have certain disadvantages they are nevertheless the best bet when it comes to securing our long term energy needs.


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