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Aluminum Foil - Is It a Pain Reliever?

Updated on January 8, 2016

Around the Toe It Goes


I Have Tried Odder Things

You don't think of aluminum foil as being a pain reliever, but apparently there are civilizations that do use it for pain relief.

So. I ripped off a piece of aluminum foil from the roll and folded it the long way so it was the width of my big toe. Then, I rolled it around my toe. Then, it said I had to secure it with a bandage and wear it to bed tonight.

Okay. Tin foil is around my toe. The bandaide is holding it in place and I will report back tomorrow.

I'll Try It

You know. I have nothing to lose. My toe hurts. I have aluminum foil. I have wasted aluminum foil in the past, what is the difference.

My foot feels pretty good with the foil wrapped around it. The aluminum foil is surprisingly comfortable. My toe is elevated at a slight height. Barely a quarter of an inch, but, the sensation is pleasant.

The Foil Piece


The Band Aid


Wrapping Around the Toe


This Doesn't Involve Aluminum Foil But It's Interesting

How About You

Have you tried any home remedies for pain that have worked?

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Here's My Opinion

As of today, my feedback on the aluminum foil is varied.

On my big toe, the one I wrapped in aluminum foil and wore the foil cup to bed at night, that toe feels good now.

But, the day I wore aluminum foil around my feet in my boots and walked around for 15,000 steps, not so much.

I found that the aluminum foil that I had wrapped around my foot, broke into many, many small pieces that stuck to my sweating foot and actually became slivers. I would not recommend this to anyone. Now, if I had worn the same to bed and had not moved my foot except to change position, that may have resulted in a different story.


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