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Alzheimer's Is also Caused by Aluminum Fibers

Updated on October 14, 2014

Asbestos fibers lodged on lung airsac, causing cancer; similarly, aluminum fibers lodged on brain cells cause Alzheimer's

Mangosteen contains anthocyanin

Aluminum fibers cause Alzheimer's; fibers can be removed by chelation therapy and anthocynins in fruits and vegetables

Some people consider Alzheimer’s disease as incurable. Other people believe that Alzheimer’s disease is not a natural happening that comes with advancing age.

The popular belief is that Alzheimer’s is inevitable as one grows old. The first case was documented by Alois Alzheimer in 1906, that’s why the name.

“Alzheimer's disease is the most common form of dementia, being responsible for about two-thirds of the cases of dementia in patients over 60 years of age. Women are affected twice as often as men.

“(Early symptoms are) memory loss, temporary confusion, restlessness, poor judgment, and lethargy... Whatever the onset, the last stages are characterized by intellectual vacuity and loss of control over all body functions” The brains of patients with Alzheimer's disease are characterized by the loss of neurons… (that) becomes severe and leads to decreased brain size and weight. Because nerve cells synthesize the neurotransmitters necessary for interneuronal communication, it is not surprising that Alzheimer's disease is associated with diminished levels of neurotransmitters…that transmit signals between nerve cells” (Encyclopedia Britannica 2009).

Pity the so-called witches. In the Middle Ages dementia was also believed as madness; victims were believed by the religious as witches.

“…The half-million people hung, drowned, or burned at the stake as ‘witches’ during the Middle Ages, large numbers were old women who today would be identified as suffering from a dementing illness, depression, or both” (Lyman, K. A. Day In, Day Out with Alzheimer’s. 1993:14).

Health care costs. (…”Although dementing illnesses affect less than 5 percent of people over sixty-five, 20 to 40 percent of people eighty and older are affected. Therefore, the rapid population increase among the older old represent escalating numbers of those most at risk for dementia….”

"(There is a) prospect of staggering health care costs to care for a large population of severely impaired older people….” (Same source as above, page 17).

What causes Alzheimer’s?

“…Alzheimer-type brain lesions are found at autopsy in many intellectually preserved normally functioning elderly people. Additionally, the pathologic criteria used by neurologists to identify an ‘Alzheimer’s brain’ vary by age. With increasing age, a microscopic examination of tissue samples within the neocortex finds an increasing number of neuritic plaques and neurofibrillary tangles….” (Same source as above, page 22).

“Dr. Daniel P. Perl of the University of Vermont has found abnormal accumulations of aluminum within the affected brain cells of those neurofibrillary tangles” (Cranton, E. MD. Bypassing Bypass. Updated 2nd edition. 1005:92-100).

About the photo: It shows asbestos fibers lodged on an air sac of the lungs (Goodman, D.B.P. Editor. "Technology Impact: Potential Directions for Laboratory Medicine." Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences. 1984. vol. 428, front cover). Such fibers come from asbestos panels, among others, used in ceilings; they cause lung cancer. They are similar to aluminum fibers that lodge on brain cells which cause Alzheimer's. End of additional caption.

“Dr. Carl Pfeiffer, former director of the Brain Bio Center in Princeton, New Jersey, has also been researching blood aluminum levels and has found a very high correlation between loss of memory and elevation of blood aluminum” (Cranton, E. MD. Bypassing Bypass. Updated 2nd edition. 1005:92-100).

We get aluminum from the mills used in milling grain into flour, junk food, water supply and drugs. “...Buffered aspirin contains 10-52 mg of aluminum per tablet; a 14-tablet-per-day regimen would also result in high aluminum intake…” So, don't just pop in an aspirin tablet.

“(Aluminum) gets into our food via the use of aluminum pots and pans, the wrapping of acid foods such as tomatoes in aluminum foil, and storing of foods in aluminum cans....” (Same source as above, page 94).

"Canadian investigators have also now found aluminum at above normal levels in the brains of some Alzheimer's victim's, and they speculate that senile dementia might more properly be called aluminum dementia" (Same source as above, page 96).

New entries as of July 14,2012

Aluminum is like asbestos. Asbestos fibers cause asbestosis and lung cancer. Asbestosis is a "respiratory disease resulting from exposure to asbestos..." These fibers are extremely fine. Some fibers can be seen by means of the optical microscope, meaning with the use of light within the visible light spectrum. These are 5 microns long. Other fibers cannot by seen by the optical microscope but through the electron microscope - the size of virus. (More of electron microscope below). Around 1978, the basis of regulation of the asbestos industry was the fibers visible by optical microscope. That is why, several workers were still getting sick of lung cancer because they also inhaled fibers visible only to the electron microscope that were more hazardous (Epstein, S. S. MD.The Politics of Cancer. 1978:87).

Aluminum fibers are similarly fine that they can be carried by the blood. They find their way into brain cells and stay there.

[About electron microscope. Wavelengths of visible light being larger than the atom bend away from the surface of an atom instead of hitting its surface. That bending away is the reason why our eyes or the optical microscope that uses visible light cannot see the atom. To see an atom, one must use a wavelength smaller than the atom. Electrons being smaller than the atom can hit the surface of an atom.
“…Electron beams can be made to act like light beams of extremely short wavelengths, this makes possible an electron microscope with magnifying power superior to conventional light microscopes...” according to Simon Ramo (Ramo, S. The Business of Science. 1988:24-25). So microwaves of electrons are needed. Pulses of high voltage applied intermittently in millionth of a second for several times accelerate electrons resulting in microwaves. Ramo invented the electron microscope at General Electric.
“The observation of an image is really observation of scattered waves. In the case of light or electrons, these waves are observed through optical devices such as lenses, which recombine the waves to form an image” (Fraenkel-Conrat, H. and R.R. Wagner, eds. 1981. Comprehensive Virology, 17 Methods Used in the Study of Viruses, page 130). The film of the electron microscope takes the place of human memory; it records the image of electrons bouncing back from the atom.
“Electron microscopes have magnifying powers of 1,000 to 1,000,000 magnitudes possible, with resolutions ranging from 0.001 to 0.000 000 01 mm…. with a scanning tunneling microscope, even individual molecules and atoms can be seen” (Encyclopedia Britannica 2009).] End of new entries.

Chelate out aluminum

Chelation therapy. Evidence from the University of Toronto showed that "chelating metals, from the body either halts or reverses mental deterioration in SDAT (senile dementia of the Alzheimer's type) patients."

The principal ingredient of infusion chelation therapy is EDTA (ethylene-diamine-tetra-acetate). EDTA was first used to remedy lead poisoning. It has found other uses as well like the chelation of iron that catalyzes the production of hydroxyl radical. Infusion chelation therapy takes out aluminum much in the same way as it chelates out lead.

For more information about chelation therapy access the Internet with the search entry chelation therapy cranton frackelton.

Hubber LaceyLinks says: "There are doctors who practice chelation therapy as an alternative course of treatment for people who don't like the thought of drugs or surgery. It is a growing protocol and one with an excellent and growing reputation for the many health benefits it provides."

A lady, aged 72 years, had cerebral atrophy, delusions and hallucinations who sometimes could not recognize her husband. Her husband considered institutionalizing her. After six sessions of chelation therapy, her "symptoms cleared, the patient was completely oriented and rational...." (Cranton, E. MD. Bypassing Bypass. Updated 2nd edition. 1005:92-100).

Oral chelation with fruits and vegetables. Consume vegetables and fruits that contain anthocyanins, including: red and black raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, cherries, currants, Cancor, red grapes, pomegranate, red skin of apples, prunes, and ripe gooseberries.

Available in the Philippines are vegetables and fruits like alugbati, eggplant, ube (purple yam), kalumpit, bignay, duhat, purple sitao, star apple, red cabbage, violet lettuce (Lolo rosa variety), mangosteen, strawberries, purple camote (sweet potato).

Anthocyanins are purple, red and blue pigments found in the cell sap or juice of fruits and vegetables.

“Anthocyanins that have two or more adjacent unsubstituted hydroxyl groups react with iron, aluminum, or tin to form greenish, blue or slate-colored complexes. These metal chelates, the color of which depends on the metal involved and the chelation sites on the pigment, make the food unattractive….” (Paul, P,C. and H.H. Palmer. Editors. Food Theory and Applications. 1972:287, emphasis supplied).

Of course, we don't mind the unattractiveness of food; rather we are glad the aluminum fiber is removed.

Another benefit from these metal chelates is that of chelating iron. Iron when present during the reaction between molecules of superoxide, produces hydroxyl radical, the most destructive free radical. Free radicals cause cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, and other so-called degenerative diseases. Iron is leaked by arteries that are injured by plaque in heart disease or in a person threatened by hypertension and stroke (Cranton, E., MD. Bypassing Bypass. Updated second edition. 1995).

Chelation means the chelator binds with and removes the metal. It is like crab using its pinchers on its prey. The chelate, combination of metal and chelator, is ejected from the body through the urine.

How to protect anthocyanins from destruction? Store colored fruits and vegetables in low temperature, low pH; reduce oxygen in head space, keep sugars (fructose) away, keep vitamin C away. A temperature of 4C increases shelf life sixfold.

Medicinal plants are effective in the prevention of Alzheimer's. They don't have to be prescribed. Just eat plenty of them with the full awareness of their potency. They are less expensive than drugs. Red, purple and blue fruits and vegetables are considered medicinal plants. They provide oral chelation therapy. Since childhood it is better to eat them to prevent Alzheimer's. Don't allow aluminum fibers to accumulate in your brain cells.


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