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Am I Stressed?

Updated on January 19, 2014

It took me a while to realize that stress was making me sick. I did not feel stressed, I just felt tired. I thought feeling tired all the time was because my day started at 5am and usually ended when I could not do anymore around midnight. I would do that 5 days a week. The weekends were almost the same but I would sleep in till around 8am and stop around 6pm. Being tired was explainable. I constantly had a sinus infection or a slight cold, again normal I thought because I never stopped. I always had the capacity to do till I dropped. What I once thought was a good trait; I slowly realized was a bad trait.

I lost my job two years ago, like a lot of other people. I quickly found contract work to keep me afloat. I continue doing contract work today. I also had a Laundromat that was not doing well and my business partner robbed me of $125,000 in a business deal. I was deeply in debt because of the Laundromat. This is why I began non-stop working.

The event that happened are water under the bridge. The Laundromat closed; the ex-business partner is broke and is working on various deals and vows to pay me back. I am faithful but not stupid. I did write it off on my taxes, just like the Laundromat loss. So now I have to rebuild. My salary does cover my bills but I want to reduce my debt and build my savings.

I am slowly digging my way out with my on-line endeavors. I sell a lot of my stuff on ebay or amazon. I can honestly say it helps a lot. I also recently wrote two e-books for dogs. Slowly I am tackling it all.

As if all that is not enough, I was in a relationship with someone who has lupus. "T" is limited by what house hold chores she could help with. As I come to realize she is limited in her own mind because when its time to do something fun or go out with friends there is not lupus. To do anything around the house "I can't my lupus." Recently, I resolved that issue by ending my relationship. Its not that I am not sympathetic to her illness but when you can stay out all night with your friends then you can put some effort in and help me. I am not expecting much but something is better then nothing. I was doing everything, cooking cleaning laundry and grocery shopping.

We all have issues, I am just setting the stage to how I finally discovered that stress is an epidemic and half the time we do not realize we are stressed. I think I am so used to living this way it has become the norm. I believe this is the case for most people. I can honestly say I do not know how to relax, anymore. I always feel as if I have to do something. Yesterday I forced myself to take 1/2 of day off and I will do the same today. I watched movies all day, with the last movie being in bed. I went to bed at 11, woke at 8 and I feel amazing. Still tired but that could be from the sinus infection I have.

Did you know there was an "American Institute for Stress"? You should check it out because when I looked at their list of the "50 Signs of Stress" I had 35 of the sings.

The fact that I was feeling lousy was not enough of a reason, but there were items on that list that I easily was able to dismiss as, that’s because of this or that. I will be 48 in a matter of months, I am not in the best of health, and I do not get enough rest. It's time for a change. I have been changing my eating habits for months now, cooking, bringing lunch, more fruits, vegetables and yogurt daily. I see the difference, I lost weight and feel stronger. I try to stretch daily, like a yoga stretch, but not anything that required a lot of time. That is the next thing I need to tighten up. I have a friend who wants me to come to her yoga class. I have put it off for sometime, I need to make the time to take care of myself before something more serious happens like having a heart attack.

Stress kills and I know that. How to decompress is the real question. Web MD give s a list of "10 Ways to Reduce Stress Fast." The majority ways, I believe we all know. (Meditate, deep breaths, exercise, laugh) I can honestly say that I am now incorporating the majority of these stress relievers into my life. Exercise seems to reduce my stress the most and allows my mind to wonder on creative things. Medication I have not mastered, my mind winders too much. The only time my mind does not seem to wonder is when I am watching a movie or sleeping, both of which I plan on doing more of.

It’s a new year and the time has come for changes, this is not a New Year resolution. This is a life change. If I do not make the changes, I am pretty sure I won't have a long life.

Are you Stressed and do not know it?

What do you do to reduce stress?


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