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Amazing Eye Operation Gives My Wife Clear Vision. She can see clearly now for the first time !

Updated on August 25, 2014

Coping With Poor Sight.

To people like me ,blessed with excellent vision the world of those needing spectacles or contact lenses has been like their sight, something of a blur. Back in Primary School days many years ago, kids with glasses were regarded as a bit freakish. In those days, the NHS spectacles provided for them were clearly "Designer" but sadly designed by a twisted mind that wanted to see scorn poured on the heads of the unfortunate wearers.

Parents used to console their afflicted offspring with platitudes like "It is better than nothing George" and " Now you can learn to read Susan" etc. etc. There were no reasonable alternatives and worse was to come when the frames, as they often did, broke and had to be held together with sticking plaster. Just writing those words brings pictures to my mind of unfortunates in my class over 65 years ago ! Such was the impact made by the distortion they gave to others whilst affording the wearer some chance of decent vision.

Over the years, as with many things, great advances in both style and design have been made and these days, amazingly some wear spectacles with clear lenses purely as a fashion accessory, whilst those needing to use them still for sight reasons have seen great strides in both frame and lens development, making spectacles totally acceptable from Primary School to Retirement Home.

Beyond the advances in spectacles, those coping with poor sight have been greatly benefitted also by the invention and susequent development of the contact lens. The ability to see clearly without overt spectacles has been a boon to many who gladly accept the minor chores of cleansing and refreshing them for continued use.

My wife has used spectacles and then lenses for most of her life. Her eyesight was so poor that she needed very strong prescrptions for both glasses and lenses. Throughout her life she has gamely battled on with both the problem of seeing clearly and indeed, the cost of securing continued vision. Over the last two decades or so, lenses have been her preferred assistance though spectacles were still used for reading.

Some 15 years ago we investigated LASER SURGERY but found it was not necessarily likely to be a success for her and that in any event they would operate on her "good" eye first. This caused her too much concern for had it not worked she would have been left with very poor sight from the remaining eye. It seemed that she was destined to need spectacles and/or lenses for the duration.

Into The Unknown.

Regular eye checks are required for those wearing spectacles and lenses at the Opticians providing the service and it was at one of these that my wife discovered to her understandable alarm that she was in the initial stages of cataracts. Now years ago that would have been truly stunning news for cataracts were initially untreatable and then required a difficult operation. Scientific advances in this field have thankfully removed the previous threats and cataracts can now be treated reasonably easily. At the same time it was far from welcome news.

We had become aware during recent years of advances in eye surgery with advanced laser treatments and other advances and news of cataracts spurred action into researging these by ourselves.

Years ago this would have been difficult, but now, thanks to the Internet and the escalation of Private Eye Treatment Companies, it is a much simpler business.Our reseach may not have been scientific but it was thorough and thanks to that we became aware of a new procedure that would hopefully meet the needs of my wife

Clearly there are two major considerations when contemplating such a step and in order these are as follows :

1. Is the procedure medically recognised as being both effective and safe?.

2. What is the cost involved.?

My wife and I arrived, as a result of our research, with details to satisfy us initially at least and also found the Company had a Clinic in our own hometown. Thus, we arranged an initial appointment for tests to be done a further information obtained on a no cost basis. Thus, we walked into the unknown with some comfort at least.

The initial consultation was proceeded by professional tests in a good medical environment using state of the art equipment. The cost of treatment, if we were to proceed were also explained.

Secondly, we were shown to another consulting room where a very approachable lady consultant examined the test results and carried out further tests and finally explained the procedure that would be required for my wife"s condition. This was all done in a relaxed but professional way and our confidence was thus increased.

The biggest fly in our ointment was that the treatment could not be done at this clinic but at another Branch 50 miles away. We would need to go there twice {once per eye] for the carrying out of the procedure. Each procedure takes only 15 minutes but allowing time for local anaesthetics etc, a period of 1 hour is involved.

After that, a check at our hometown Clinic followed 1 week after each and then 1 month after the second. A final check after 3 months from that check completes the business if all is well and then annual checks are recommended.

So far, my wife has had the procedures and the checks prior to the final one and all is very good and healthy. Most important she can see clearly and brightly for the first time and no longer needs to deal with lenses each evening to her obvious relief.

As far as costs are concerned, each clinic will have their own schedule and I have no desire to deal with them here save to say, that replacement lenses were costing us over £350 per year prior to the procedures. This cost is no longer a burden and to date, my wife regards her new eyes as an investment that was well made. She stepped into the unknown and is very glad that she did.

Tht Procedure.

As mentioned earlier, LASER TREATMENT for eye problems has been around for sometime now. Basic Laser Treatment is fine for many, but for those like my wife, with deeper difficulties it was not effective or able to sustain the initial improvement.

Essentially, my wife has had her own natural lenses removed and artificial lenses fitted to replace them. This require both some laser and some small incisions being made by the Consultant to remove the lenses and allow the articial lenses to be fitted exactly into place. As previously explained this is done under local anaesthetic administered as drops into the eye.

At the clinic immediately after the procedure has been completed, the patient is given sets of drops and details of when to use them each day before returning the next week for check up.The post operative checks then made ensure the lens a} has been fitted correctly,b} has been accepted in the eye system and c} no infection exists.

Each case has personal characteristics of course, but in that of my wife everything from start to finish went exactly as predicted and she now looks forward to a clear, sharp, and vibrant vision future thanks to this amazing advance in eye surgery. The good news is that this type of surgery is not the province of any one Commercial concern ,so those needing assistance in this area can do as we did, check things out both personally and with Opthalmic professionals before proceeding or not as the case may be. Eyes are vital to us all so it makes the soundest of all reasons to do everything possible to ensure that a "Leap into the Unknown" is not a "Leap into the Dark ".


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