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Amazing Health Benefits Of Sugar

Updated on November 18, 2015

Sugar Really Has Some Health Benefits

They have a nickname for it - they call it the Sweet Killer. Yes indeed sugar kills you sweetly. It is sweet but has so many negative effects on the body and that is why people try their best to avoid it like the plague.

But how can sugar be totally bad for the health? That cannot be possible. It must at least have some good aspects. Everything in this world has some negative and positive sides, and sugar is not an exception.

While sugar has a lot of disadvantages, it has quite some benefits for the body too. This is the interesting thing about it that many people do not know. They think of sugar and they instantly paint it black saying it is nothing but bad news. But sugar is not always synonymous with bad news. And this is what this article is all about.

Readers should take note that this article is not meant to encourage people to eat more and more sugar or sugary foods; the purpose of this article is to let you the reader know that sugar also has some health benefits, providing it is eaten in moderation.

Before I continue with this article, I want to stress once again on the fact that if sugar is not eaten in moderation, then it becomes very very harmful for the health. But if you apply a little bit of caution and care while eating it, then you can enjoy the sweet and healthy aspects of it without any worry.

Let us now turn our attention to the health benefits of sugar.

According to scientific research there are quite a handful of benefits that we can derive from eating sugar or sugary foods in moderation. Below are some of them:

Sugar gives the body energy

Sugar is loaded with lots and lots of calories. When you eat sugar, the high calorie content in it instantly gives the body energy. What happens here is that when you ingest sugar, it goes straight into your blood stream where it gets converted into glucose. The glucose generated is then instantly absorbed by the cells in the body and converted into instant energy to be used by the body. This is basically how sugar gives energy to the body. We all know how important energy is, don't we? Of course we do! Without energy absolutely nothing can work, and the body is no exception to that; the body also needs energy to function properly. And sugar gives the body quite a decent amount of energy. This is the reason why one of the most common ingredients in lots of foods is sugar.

Sugar makes the skin healthy

Believe it or not, but sugar is considered a very good substance for the health of the skin. Sugar has an acid in it called glycolic acid. According to scientists, this acid plays some substantial role in making the skin healthier and good-looking. Experts say that when we use the glycolic acid from sugar on the skin we can also help in fighting against skin blemishes. The glycolic acid is also credited with helping in balancing the skin’s oil.

Sugar can be good for people suffering from low blood pressure

According to studies, sugar can be very good for people who suffer from low blood pressure because it can raise their blood pressure to a reasonable and acceptable level, depending on the quantum of sugar that they consume. A person suffering from low blood pressure has blood pressure that is below the normal blood pressure level. People suffering from this condition tend to experience symptoms such as frequent dizziness and lightheadedness. Some of them also experience frequent fainting or blackouts, which is one of the most common symptoms of low blood pressure. Some health experts say that sugar can help in such situations. They say that low blood pressure patients can take a cube of sugar as soon as they begin to feel as if they are going to have a blackout. According to the health experts, the sugar that is ingested will instantly raise the blood pressure of the patient and make them feel normal again.

Sugar is good for the brain

Did you know that sugar is very good for the brain? If you didn’t, then now you know. Numerous studies have shown that sugar is very beneficial for the proper functioning of the brain. Scientists say that when sugar can’t get to a person’s brain then the person is going to experience blackouts and the brain of course can’t function well. So you see that sugar is needed by your brain!

But wait a moment! I think you should also know that despite the fact that sugar is good for the brain and helps it work better, too much of it is also bad for the brain. This is the reason why it is imperative that you eat sugar in moderation. Never abuse it!

Sugar can heal wounds

Before I elaborate on this point, I should let you know that not all health experts believe in this function of sugar. But according to some health experts, sugar can play an instrumental role in accelerating the healing process of wounds and certain injuries. Here, sugar acts like a very powerful antibiotic. The process of using sugar to treat or heal wounds is called “Sugar Therapy”. In “sugar therapy” experts use sugar expertly to kill bacteria and cure infections.

It must be known that the sugar therapy is gradually becoming quite common among health experts in various parts of the world.

NOTE: The sugar therapy is always done under the supervision of an expert or by a medical practitioner who is qualified to perform it.

Sugar fights against depression

Some might find this point a little bit hard to believe. But believe it or not sugar can actually combat depression. Research has shown that sugar tends to behave like an antidepressant in the sense that it can make a person who is depressed less depressed after he or she has consumed it.

Health experts have however, warned people to be very careful when using sugar as an antidepressant because of the fact that it is quite capable of leading to an addiction to sugar and therefore an abuse of it which becomes very dangerous for the health of the abuser or addict.

Remember to always use sugar in moderation lest you stand the risk of suffering from its harmful effects.

Further studies are being conducted in order to find out why sugar tends to have the ability to act as an antidepressant.

So folks, there we are with some of the benefits that we can get by using or eating sugar in moderation.

NOTE: Although this article has just enlightened you on the health benefits of sugar, you should know that you can only get these health benefits if you eat sugar or sugary foods in moderation. You should also know that the disadvantages of sugar far outweigh the advantages.

Over the years scientific studies on the effects of sugar have been carried out by scientists all over the globe. Many of these studies have shown that sugar is just like any other thing in this world which has good and bad sides to it.

They say too much of everything is bad. How true that adage is! Remember that too much of sugar is bad for you. When you eat more sugar than is needed by the body then it becomes a killer and you will suffer serious health implications as a result of that.


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