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Amazing benefits of a gluten free diet

Updated on January 10, 2017

In any convenience store you may visit today, there is a very high chance that you will get to find a gluten free section, or even gluten free products stocked. This trend has in recent months seemingly been the wave that has taken the diet industry by storm. It is important to understand just what gluten is and how it interacts with our bodies and the benefits that it can offer.

What is gluten

Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, barley and rye. The protein gains its name from the Latin word gluten which means glue. This is therefore the protein that causes the elasticity in the above mentioned products when they are kneaded into dough. It is important to note that gluten containing products are not bad foods. On the contrary, gluten containing foods are advised for a person that has Celiac disease or other conditions associated with gluten containing products. The intolerance results when the body treats the presence of gluten as it would a toxin.

Celiac disease

Celiac disease is the resulting disease of people who have intolerance to gluten. The disease is manifested different symptoms in different people. The most common symptoms include an itchy rash, bloating and gastrointestinal upsets following the consumption of foods containing gluten. It is important to have the confirmation of Celiac disease by a physician prior to starting off on a gluten diet.

Avoid starchy unhealthy foods

One of the main benefits of a gluten free diet is that you get to avoid a lot of the gluten containing products sold. These foods will in most cases be those that have been singled out as unhealthy, having been highly processed and contain artificial flavors and preservatives that might not serve your health well in the long run. A gluten free diet will on the other hand be healthier as it contains less starch and more of fruits and vegetables.

Eliminate unhealthy oils

Yet another benefit of a gluten free diet is that you get to leave out unhealthy oils from your diet. These oils will be those that are used in the preparation of gluten containing foods such as bread, doughnuts and pastries. This in consequence means that you lead a healthier life compared to a person who consumes gluten.

Lower cholesterol levels in the body

There is lower cholesterol that is enjoyed in the body as a result of low fat intake, due to the lack of gluten products in the diet, as their preparation goes hand in hand with cholesterol high products such as butter, oils and fat. People who do without gluten in their diets have been shown to have healthier hearts, and a lower incidence of heart disease.

Weight loss

Due to the lack of high starch containing food gluten free diet weight loss results, as there is a lower amount of carbohydrates in the diet that can be converted into glycogen which is stored in the body as fat. Continued dedication towards a low carbohydrate diet plan will pay off in the long run by offering you a healthier body and accompanying weight loss.

Benefit to diseased patients

A wide group of patients suffering from different medical conditions have been shown to enjoy the benefits of a gluten free diet. Among them include ADHD patients, patients with autoimmune disorder, Thyroid disease and cystic fibrosis, anemia autism and multiple sclerosis. These patients have shown significant improvement in their conditions when gluten has been removed from their daily diets. These improvements in health can partly be attributed to lower antioxidants in the body that are contained in the gluten containing products.

Balanced diet

To enjoy the most of the benefits of a gluten free diet, a balanced diet that comes with a variety of foods should be formulated. This should be a new experience on food and should be welcomed as such. Among some of the foods to try out when changing to a gluten free diet include all vegetables, olive oil, beans olives, corn, rice dairy products, fish chicken, nuts, and beef. Oats can be used as an excellent substitute as they do not contain any gluten. It is however important to ensure that their processing comes from only places dealing with oats alone, as the probability of cross contamination of oats with gluten products due to shared equipment is very high.


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