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Amazonian Spices

Updated on May 1, 2014

Amazonian Spices

Volume 6, Issue 6, April 30, 2014

Aromatic and savory are the spices that are added to meats and vegetables to enhance and bring flavorful goodness to a meal. The aroma and smells of the spices cooking and boiling over while they waif they’re aromatic and savory tastes into the air are exhilarating and quite the appealer to the senses. The aroma finds its way to activating and energizing our taste buds and salivating glands. It activates the senses and responses in our molecular system that aids in the development and acquired tastes of each individual.

The amazon Jungle and its basin is so ecologically diverse that it vast forests supply one-fifth of the world’s Oxygen. The fact that twenty percent of the world’s Oxygen comes from the rainforests of the Amazon is an amazing and dramatic feat. Maybe this is why the most exotic and aromatic herbs, spices, and roots come from this area of the world.

The ecosystem of the Amazon is vast and contains plants that cannot be found anywhere in the world. The rainforests are dense and lush, filled with all forms of wild and unique foliage and plant life, as well as animals.

Since the age of antiquity and at present the people and culture of Amazonian peoples have somehow penetrated most parts of the world in trades of goods and products. Amazingly it has attracted many an explorer because there are many unexplored regions of the rainforest.

Spices are created by mixing bark, salts, peppers, dried vegetation, seeds, and plants. They are derived from different environments and the most profound and vegetation rich environments on earth like the Amazon. The difference between the herbs and spices are very slight with exception of the mixture of the vegetation in ingredients. Herbs are fresh and spices are not they are normally dried mixtures.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is an herb and is also a spice that is grown in some of the sunniest of the sandiest sand dunes, and it thrives in and off the Caribbean coastline from South Carolina to the borders of Texas. Saw Palmetto has been used over and over again for the first half of the 20th century as a remedy to aid in diuretics and chronic cystitis, digestion, colds, bronchitis and asthma.

It has and was especially engaged for the use of enlarged prostates or sexual inability remedies for both men and women. It is an estrogen extract and oil from a plant that aids in treating various prostatic symptoms.

Mainly engaged in Europe as a medicine the USA has prohibited sales of this aromatic plant without a valid prescription. Saw Palmetto is a spikey fanned leafy plant grown in Europe and North America.

People especially scientists noticed how animals were drawn to eat the plant and benefited their bodies. It was at this point that the seeds and berries were engaged to find its medicinal and basic sustenance properties.

The use of this plant in nourishment as a natural anabolic helped in developing body tissues from simple molecules. It is also used as a urinary antiseptic to treat cyctitis. Combined with hydrangea and horsetail the mixture is used to treat prostate infection.


Feverfew has several common names those among them like Bride’s Button, Compositaw, Featherfew, Featherfoil, Febrifuge Plant, Feverfew, and Wild Chamomile. It grows in a flowery daisylike bloom of flowers, in loose bushels that stand more than 2 to 3 feet high. It is grown in and about Europe, Australia, and North America as a wild flower bushel in regions that are in and around southeastern Europe. It is also an herb that also is mixed to create a spice for its herbal properties and medicinal remedy.

Its engagement in the use of aiding in healing PMS, Menopause, arthritis, sciatica, colicky pains, and asthma. It aids in the functioning of the liver by clearing out toxins and excess from the body. It also increases the rate of perspiration in the body and aids in getting rid of phlegm. It aids to relieve pain, migraines, and inflammation in the body, also benefitting the nervous system. This product could be ingested and used as a remedy or ointment to put on the skin, so it seeps through to the pores and into the bloodstream.


Coneflower has several common names also like the feverfew, its common names are: Echinacea, Black Sampson, Purple Coneflower, Red Coneflower, Sacred Plant, and Sampson Root. The plant is a perennial plant that blooms purple flowers like daisies with a faint aroma and it leaves behind a tingling sensation when ingested. This plant was traditionally used and engaged by the North American Comache tribe as an herbal remedy for toothaches and sore throats, while the Comache’s cousin’s the Sioux used it for rabies and any snakebite cures.

This herb and spice when mixed with other herbs has the ability to aid in curing colds, sore throat, and infections. It aids in speedy up the process of healing wounds. It also has herbal properties and is used as a plant extract.

This remedy is widely used and engaged for boosting the performance of the immune system and has several antibiotic properties going for it. Coneflower is used for treating burns, as a fungicidal effect, a blood cleansing rememdy, skin conditions like eczema and urticarial. Viral diseases and asthma. It is also critically important in aiding patients with arthritis and gout.


Another exotic perennial also has other common names such as:

  • Blessed Herb,
  • Capon’s Tail,
  • English Valerian
  • German Valerian
  • Great Wild Valerian
  • Heliotrope
  • Setwall
  • Tagara
  • Valerian
  • Vandalroot
  • Vermont Valerian
  • Wild Valerian

This plant grows to the height of two to four feet high and is found primarily in Europe, and it also grows in North America. It blooms a white puffy bloom of small white babie breath like flowers, that are in leaflets of three or four bushels. Its aroma is a foul smell and is used in tranquilizing.

It is also used fdor anxiety, stress and anti-anxiety remedies like fatigue..

Hawthorn Herb

This is the most potent herbal rememdy to enhance circulation and boost performance of the heart. It also has several common names like:

  • English Hawthorn
  • Haw
  • May
  • May Blossom
  • Maybush
  • May Tree
  • Quick-Set
  • Shan-Cha
  • Whitethorn

The leaves, berries and flowers of the Hawthorn are mixed and consumed as an herbal rememdy to aid circulation, poor memory, heart performance, angina, and high blood pressure.

It grows into a small shrub with red berries on it and it is found abundantly in North America and the eastern part of the United States. There are different varieties of this specie however, they are in the same family of Hawthorn Herb.


Retrieved from the Internet (free dictionary online)

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