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America and our Obesity Crisis.

Updated on June 25, 2015

Obesity in America and around the World.

Obesity affects the world as a whole. Unfortunately it affects some Countries more than others. Though, America may not be at the top of the list of Obese populations but, we are not far from the top! It's said that roughly 66% of all American Adults are either, obese or overweight. That is not a number to feel very good about. That means we aren't very healthy.

Do you believe America is in the midst of an Obesity Pandemic?

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Pointing the finger at Obesity.

Everybody seems to want to blame Obesity on the things around them, rather than blame the actual source, themselves. We are all responsible for our own actions.

In some cases, Obesity can be caused by some underlying medical conditions, but not too many. For the most part, it's a matter of overindulging in more calories than our bodies are burning off.


Our diets today and their contributions to Obesity.

Today, it seems that everybody is in one big hurry, and are looking for the quickest ways of doing things, same goes when it comes to providing meals for themselves and their families. We could all agree, that it is much easier at the end of a long day, during a crammed lunch hour, or in a quick pinch in the morning, to hit the closest drive-thru, than it would be to prepare a meal at home. We've all been there.

Sadly, so much of our foods today are processed, high in fats and sugars, and contain less nutrients, vitamins, and essential minerals. Not to mention the unhealthy, and half the time, unpronounceable ingredients that are also put in so many of these processed foods.

When we have so many advertisements on television, in the newspapers, magazines, and billboards for greasy burger value meals in outragous proportions, fattening pizzas, chips, candy, and soda, yet we hardly ever see those types of advertisements for the healthier is no wonder we are experiencing such a high obesity rating.

How many times a week do you consume fast food, or junk food?

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Lack of physical activity, another factor in our battle with Obesity..

Today, we live in an age where it's far to easy to get distracted with technologies such as video gaming, mobile app gaming, social media, and television watching. After a long day, to many of us come home, plop down on the sofa and distract ourselves with any of those factors, we lie to ourselves and say, we'll exercise tommorow, or whatever and then when tomorrow comes, it's the same vicious cycle all over again.

Too many would rather sit at home and watch television or play video games than put in some headphones, crank up the tunes, and go for a daily walk or jog.

How many times a week do you exercise?

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Don't forget, Obesity doesn't just affect adults..

Sadly, an even bigger battle in our Obesity pandemic is its effects on our youth. More of our youth are becoming less active, eating more junk food, and processed foods than ever before! It is resulting in excessive numbers of obese or overweight youth. This is definitely not the direction we should be allowing our youth to take.

Even if you're not overweight or obese, this is something that affects us as an entire population. We need a change in mind of what we consider healthy, what we choose to put in ours and our children's bodies, and take our health and well being seriously.

© 2015 Diana De La Vega

What are some of your ideas to help fight the Obesity Pandemic in America?

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