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Americans Medicare Problems Solved by 3 Plants.Tulsi,Basil and Aloe Vera. [ If you drink Water 3 lit daily its a Bonus.]

Updated on February 9, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

The Holi Plant Tulsi daily worshiped by Hindu Bramhins.

Tulasi - The Holy Plant.

In the Skanda Purana it is said:

'Tulasi is auspicious in all respects.

Simply by seeing,

Simply by touching,

Simply by remembering,

Simply by praying to,

Simply by bowing before,

Simply by hearing about

or Simply by sowing this tree,

there will always be auspiciousness in the place where Tulasi Plant is kept '.

Anyone who comes in touch with the Tulasi tree in the above-mentioned ways lives in good health with out any distresses and finaly after his long life lives eternally in Heaven.

Tulasi is Goddess to all Hindus who worship Lord Krishna.

In the Skanda Purana there is a statement praising the Tulasi tree as follows:

Let me offer my respectful obeisances unto the Tulasi tree, which can immediately vanquish volumes of sinful activities. Simply by seeing or touching this tree one can become relieved from all distresses and diseases. Simply by offering obeisances to and pouring water on the tulasi tree, one can become freed from the fear of being sent to the court of Yamaraja [ the King of death, who punishes the sinful. ] If someone sows a tulasi tree somewhere, certainly he becomes devoted to Lord Krishna. And when the tulasi leaves are offered in devotion at the lotus feet of Krishna, there is the full development of love of God.

Who is Tulasi.

Tulasi is Vrindadevi who controls the planet ( Vaikunta ) where Lord krishna lives.

Vrinda devi had appeared as the daughter of the pious Emperor Kedera.

Vrinda devi sanctified the place by her penances and it got the name Vrindavana.

Again Vrinda devi descended here as Tulasi devi, the daughter of King Kushadevaja to perform penances and attain perfection at Vrindavana.

Tulasi was married to Jalandhara son of Sea King and none other than Lakshmi was to be born to him on account of Lakshmi being present at the time when the sea was churned to get Amrutha and pleased with the co operation of Sea King she was born to him as Tulasi who is none other than Lakshmi.

Tulasi and her purity and chastity gave Jalandhara a power that even Lord Shiva could not defeat him.Such strength worried the demigods and they asked Lord Vishnu to help kill Jalandhara.Lord Vishnu took the form of Jalandhara and visited Tulasi.Tulasi mistook him for Jalandhara and her purity and chastity was broken momentarily.Taking advantage of this the demigods killed Jalandhara.When Tulasi realized this Lord Vishnu appeared in front of him.Enraged by what had happened Tulasi cursed him to turn to stone due to his stone hearted behavior,Lord Vishnu accepted her curse and told her he will be a stone in the shape of Saligrama Shila in Ghandika River ( Now in Nepal ) and told her that she will be with him eternally in Vaikunta and that she will be a Tulasi Plant on earth and any one who worships her in any way will be free from distress and disease and would have a long life and finally enter heaven.

Custom clearence is not given to take Tulasi plant in USA.

The distresses to families of solders killed in unwanted wars and sins commited by eating Holy Cow will not go.Let Americans just keep this plant in their home and water it daily,touch it with all faith in God and eat 3 leaves daily,no one will even notice that you are a disbeliver in Jesus as Jesus knows more than any one who loves him and what his deciple is doing is just a simple deed to please the god who is his father.

Holy Basil - A must in all Homes for Good Health.

Basil Plant The Anti Virus.
Basil Plant The Anti Virus.

The King of Herbs.

Take the link and enjoy good health by eating Basil Recipes for Breakfast,Lunch & Dinner.

This is a wonder plant costs Rs.250 for one plant no water no manure also OK for this plant.

The Magic of Aloe Vera.

Bangalore is a electrifying city to any visitor but for people who live here electricity is a luxury.Frequent power shut downs for hours with out notice is a part of the duty of our state capitol power supply department engineers.If there is a National Holiday or Bundh it is the most powerful day of our lives as power supply will be there all day.

One Such day when it was not a holiday or a bundh day I had to go in a hurry to my friends office for urgent consultations.As I was about to enter the bath room power went off.I had to boil water in a big vessel and take it to bath room and during transportation few drops of boiling water fell on my foot.I dropped the vessel when more water fell all over my legs.I went to the bath room shouting for help and stood under cold shower.My wife heard my shout and came near the bath room and there was no need for me to say.She went to the kitchen and found the cream she uses for burns Povidone-Iodine Ointment USP called and sold as OTC counter drug ' Betadine '.The 15 gm tube was not even half full but my wife told servent maid to get a dozen tubes from our drug store across the road.Our servant mail went to our kitchen garden and plucked several leaves of Aloe Vera and took the juice and told us to apply.There was sufficient juice so it was over applied and the effect was a MAGIC.

I not only got immediate relief but I had no infection as it was applied daily.

The Magic of Aloe Vera may be exaggerated but there is little doubt about its healing powers,The juice has amino acids,minerals,vitamins,enzymes,proteins.polysaccharides and biological stimulants.It works wonders as skin moisture and takes away winter itch and skin irritations,it cools the high sensitive skin,the anti aging effect is natural and herbal as no chemicals are used which may be allergic to some persons.Drinking the juice few spoons daily will keep our vital organ functions working with out strain ( which we come to know when we have pain.).The use of few leaves daily will grow in 6 weeks again and we can harvest daily as it grows in all the days of the year in climates that suits its growth.

The export of Aloe Vera from India to EU countries is increasing yearly as also in India for every cosmetic product manufactured and the Juice as nutritional drink made by Ayurveda medicine manufacturers is now well accepted by all the doctors.Even Swami Yog Raj Ramdev,the Yoga Guru advises to drink Aloe Vera daily to all those who attend his discourses on Yoga.

Drink Aloe Vera to be a Vera - meaning brave in kannada language.

Plant Aloe Vera and make money a single plant grown well fetches Rs.250/=.If you plant Aloe Vera you can harvest in 6 to 8 weeks no need to sell the full plant sell by plucking 3 to 4 leaves per plant.Learn how to grow it by visiting local Agricultural University.


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