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Amsterdam's Cannabis Cup - All About The Festival That Keeps Cannabis Smokers Returning Year After Year

Updated on October 28, 2011

Known as the preeminent cannabis festival, the High Times Cannabis Cup is attended by people from all corners of the globe when it is held each year. Annually in November, the Cannabis Cup takes place in Amsterdam, where famously, smoking cannabis is legal.

It is possible to attend the event and watch the live music and comedy (which differs each year) and simply spectate on the goings on. However, if you enjoy to try to test new marijuana products then you may wish to obtain a judges pass!

Judges passes are available to purchase (for a rather hefty price) but it gives judges the privilege to sample marijuana strains and vote for their favourite of them all. Those with a judges pass will then decifer over who will be crowned the overall winner of the Cannabis Cup.

Categories that are voted upon include best new product, best glass, best booth, best hash and the best Nederhash. The majority of the marijuana tested in the event is taken from the many coffee shops around Amsterdam, where cannabis is decriminalized.

Counterculture Hall of Fame

The Counterculture Hall of Fame celebrates the history of the counterculture and those special people who made a difference in moulding it to what it has become.

Each year presents a new inductee, making it an exciting opportunity to come up close and personal with some extraordinary characters.

Created in 1997, the induction is held at the High Times Cannabis Cup each year. Past inductees of the Counterculture Hall of Fame include:

  • Bob Marley - 1997
  • Louis Armstrong - 1998
  • Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs & Jack Kerouac - 1999
  • Bob Dylan - 2002
  • Jack Herer - 2003
  • Cheech Marin & Tommy Chong - 2007
  • Peter Tosh - 2008
  • Tom Forcade - 2009
  • Coke La Rock - 2010

Visiting the Cannabis Cup Festival

Each year, judges and visitors can attend the Cannabis Cup festival to view the events. Usually spanning over a few days, the event gets busier each year with 2008 holding a record of 2,300 judges.

When the Cannabis Cup festival first rose to existence it was on a much smaller scale, however as time has progressed and the smoking culture in Amsterdam has expanded, so has the number of visitors.

There have been many winners in previous years, for their strands of marijuana and products, voted for by the judges.

Even a film has been released of the Cannabis Cup. The DVD named High Times Presents: The Cannabis Cup was created and released after the festival in the year of 2003.

Products and Sampling of Marijuana at the Cannabis Cup

There is a huge misunderstanding surrounding the sampling at the festival, and this is that many people believe marijuana to only be tested through the means of smoking. This is untrue and actually, any possible way of getting high is acceptable. (Even through the form of hemp burgers.)

Thousands of consumers attend the event to relish in the live music and comedy and also to spectate on the judges sampling and the vast array of marijuana related products. Many coffee shops take this opportunity to showcase their new strands and products.

The High Times Cannabis Cup festival is a truly mesmerizing and unforgettable experience. Whether you are a pot smoker or not, why not attend for a taste of the Amsterdam lifestyle?

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