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Why You Should Avoid Steroid Fairness Creams?

Updated on June 5, 2015
Fairness Advertisements woo the viewers!
Fairness Advertisements woo the viewers!
Obtaining Beautiful fair skin is an obsession
Obtaining Beautiful fair skin is an obsession

An Alarming Situation : Skin VS Steroid Creams

1. Companies selling fairness creams - There exists a large human population who are obsessed with the fairness of their skin. They spend hours in front of TV just to watch the advertisements of fairness creams promising the viewer to "Change the skin complexion in 14 days". These "fairness-obsessed" people get easily seduced by the companies which assure them that using their products will indeed make them fairer. The companies hook the public by lucrative advertisements in which celluloid personalities give the guarantee of the products. Though the market giants maintain their product quality, most of the emerging companies tend to reduce their cost and try to make more profits, thus, comprising with consumer health.
2. Medicated skin creams self prescribed or ill prescribed by doctors - Sometimes, when a person goes to a doctor for having acne, infections (fungal infections are common if the face is not cleaned regularly), non-specific itching, etc, the doctors prescribe certain face-creams which are specific to the type of disease or infection. However, quite frequently does one come across these cases, that skin creams having steroids are being used without any justification for the above mentioned causes. Another serious complain is that, a number of doctors who are not dermatologists or skin specialists, often at times, wrongly prescribe such medications. The tremendous desire for getting a fairer skin lure young men and women to use fairness creams containing steroids without proper expert guidance.

Hypo Pigmentation

Hypo Pigmentation
Hypo Pigmentation | Source

The Science Behind It

The notion that steroid based creams can make skin fairer is false, according to skin experts. No cream can change the original complexion of the skin, says dermatologists. The fact that the skin may appear lighter after steroid use, this is just a side-effect of the medication, the steroid makes the skin thinner and leads a condition which skin specialists say "hypo-pigmentation". The steroid based skin creams are very useful when a patient has acne or fungal infections. Sometimes, the combinations of steroids and anti-fungal or anti-bacterial drugs have to be used for treatment. Doctors say, that the anti-inflammatory effects of steroids provide instant relief to the patients who are suffering from severe acne or fungal infections. Often, these steroid based are known to cause burns, dark patches, facial damage, etc when misused.

For example, Topical steroids (corticosteroid creams) are used as facial creams by many people. If you use those creams, you'll be terrified to know the amount of side effects it may cause. The side effects are -

  • Thinning of the skin (due to which your skin may appear "fairer"),
  • Increased susceptibility to infections of the skin,
  • Delayed wound healing ability,
  • Irritation, burning sensation, stinging and peeling of the skin,
  • Contact dermatitis from the topical steroid,
  • Pigment changes (lighter or darker skin),
  • Telangectasia (small dilated blood vessels, also known as spider veins) formation,

The harmful effects of ill-use of steroid based fairness creams can range from mild irritations to skin cancer in the long term!

An Indian News Channel exposed this!
An Indian News Channel exposed this!

The Role of the Pharmaceutical Market

Quality control norms should be tightened by the Governments and the companies should develop a strict internal audit measure for maintaining the safety of its customers. Else, an epidemic of skin side-effects will rock the world soon! In India, it has been published by an agency which tracks the pharmaceutical market, that, a cocktail of four drugs - clobetasol(a steroid), ornidazole(anti protozoan agent), terbinafine(anti-fungal agent) and ofloxacin(anti bacterial drug) is one of the best selling steroid based skin cream in the country. Notable dermatologists say, that this is "An Absurd combination".

Ginseng Sold By Leonine Enterprises

Ginseng Sold By Leonine Enterprises
Ginseng Sold By Leonine Enterprises | Source

Beauty And Fairness

It should be kept in mind that a healthy and normal skin is beautiful. To be beautiful, its not at all necessary to be fair like Tom Cruise! If you are healthy and fit, the glaze of your skin will speak for you. Care of the face can be taken by applying natural herbs. I have mentioned 3 of them-

Basil (Ocimum basilicum) - For acne and oily skin. Its also a good cleanser and toner.

Burdock(Arctium lappa) - For acne and irritated skin. It is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

Dandelion(Taraxacum officinale) - For acne and irritated skin. It contains vitamins A, B, C, D.

[If you are interested in buying medicinal herbs from India, you might contact our Calcutta-based medicinal herbs company LEONINE ENTERPRISES. You can view our website - or contact us in this email -]

Try Natural Alternatives Instead

Try Natural Alternatives Instead
Try Natural Alternatives Instead | Source

Aloe Vera Softens Skin

Aloe vera applied to the face gives healthier and smoother skin!
Aloe vera applied to the face gives healthier and smoother skin!

A Pimple

A Pimple
A Pimple | Source

Harmful Effects Of Steroid Based Facial Creams

1. Allergy - You may be allergic to one or more chemicals used in the fairness creams. This may lead to skin irritations, itching and redness or swelling up and in serious cases, it may lead to oedema. Please make sure that the cream is free of any substances to which you are allergic.

2. Itching - Itching is one of the common harmful effects of fairness creams. This usually occurs shortly after the application of the cream. Please wash the skin with cold water if you suffer from any type of skin irritations.

3. Skin cancer - Constant use of fairness creams is one of the reasons for skin cancer. It is important to use only creams of high quality. Some chemicals used in fairness creams are found to be cancerous. Creams with mercury, hydroquinone or steroid-based skin lighteners should be avoided.

4. Dry Skin: If you are not intelligent enough to find out the right cream for your skin, it will end up in dry skin and flakes. Before you buy fairness creams, its necessary that you understand your skin type and select a cream that matches your requirement.

5. Pimples: If you use creams that are too oily, there are chances for the skin pores to get clogged. This will in turn lead to formation of pimples. This is one of the annoying harmful effects of fairness creams as it will leave extra marks and scars onyour face.

6. Photo-Sensitivity: Studies have shown that continuous use of fairness creams may make your skin sensitive to sunlight. This may result in sun burns, blisters or pigmentation. Please remember that overdoing is harmful while using fairness creams. It is always better to have a trial test (on a small portion of the skin,like behind the ears) before applying fairness creams directly on the face and the most important of it, if you go for natural remedies, that will be the best choice for a healthy and beautiful skin and you'll be safe.


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